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Photographers, where are they ?

From 2015-09-15 to 2015-10-11

Espace Cosmopolis - Nantes (FRANCE)
Exhibition by Cédric Gerbehaye
After Amazonia, the Congo river is the largest in the orld. Majestic, it\'s also the backbone of the country to which it gave its name, the link between the mines of Katanga, the forests of Ecuador and the capital Kinshasa. It\'s the only line of communication to cross the country from east to west.

When Traditional Rice Farming Symbolises ‘Resistance’
Story : Ian Teh
Learning to die in South Korea
Story : Françoise Huguier
Refugees crisis
Story : David Maurice Smith
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Maia Flore
VU'WORKSHOP : Imagining and Constructing Your Images

Rice is the second most produced grain in the world: around 480 million tones was produced in 2013. At 70 million tonnes, Indonesia is the third largest producer, behind China and India. The Indonesians posses a multitude of words to say 'rice', and even have a 'goddess of the paddy fields’....


South Korea holds a sad global record - 39 Koreans comite suicide every day. In this country, which moved from one of the poorest countries in the world to the thirteenth global economic power in a few decades, ceremonies simulating funerals attract more and more people.  In the Seoul Hyowon...


Since September 2015, more and more refugees have been trying to get to Western Europe countries overland. David Maurice Smith has been following their route - he espacially took pictures of the evolution of the tensions that progressively arose at the border between Serbia and Hungary. Since...

09th, 10th and 11th of October 2015

Photography is an incredible medium for conferring magic qualities on representations of the real world: it makes improbable situations possible, transfigures the obvious, and gives form to mental landscapes.
During this workshop designed by Maia Flore as an...

ELLIS - trailer
#NuitNoire - Empreinte Climatique
Interview : Munem Wasif
Chanee, the gibbon whisperer
Story : Gaël Turine
Thirsty Strip
Story : Massimo Berruti

"This is the trailer for ELLIS, a short film starring Robert De Niro, written by Eric Roth, directed by JR. The short narrative film, ELLIS, awakens our collective memory. Leaving their past behind them, immigrants fleeing poverty, discrimination, dictatorship arrived there. Ellis Island was...


À l’occasion de la Nuit Blanche, l’Agence VU’ et Action contre la Faim créent le parcours NUIT NOIRE – EMPREINTE CLIMATIQUE. Basée sur le travail du photographe Munem Wasif, l’exposition met la lumière sur la menace climatique au Bangladesh, où intervient l’association. Pour cela,...


Who led Aurélien Brulé, a young thirty-six year-old French man, founder of the Kalaweit association dedicated to the protection of Indonesian gibbons, to leave everything behind and settle down in the Borneo jungle ? This is what the photographer Gaël Turine wants to analyse. The idea is to...


Gaza is an isolated land so tiny and poor of resources, that it remains totally dependent from the “exterior,” even just to feed its population. The main resource for survival, water, makes no exception. In the past, the underground was the primary source for drinking water, but years ago...