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Photographers, where are they ?

From 2015-04-17 to 2015-05-30

Galerie VU - Paris (FRANCE)
Exhibition by Jean-Christian Bourcart
Cette exposition rassemble les images réalisées par Jean-Christian Bourcart depuis les années 1990 au cœur des lieux cachés du sexe.

Tel un passager clandestin, photographiant sous le manteau, l’auteur s’est immergé dans les arcanes des bordels ou des club échangistes. Ses images volées, aux grains démesurés, aux couleurs saturées, aux flous envoutants livrent un regard cru sur un univers secret et souvent objet de...

Mayo Photo Studio | Portraits of Sudanese refugees
Story : Pieter Ten Hoopen
Hungry Horse
Book : Pieter Ten Hoopen
From 2015-04-15 to 2015-06-14
Exhibition : Gérard Rondeau
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Gaël Turine
VU'WORKSHOP : From the Photographic Material to Publication

In a clinic settled in a refugee camp of the suburb of Khartoum, Pieter Ten Hoopen made the portraits of Sudanese, patients or staffs, far from the non-stop war. Since the 1960's, Sudan has never met peace. After South Sudan declared its independence in 2011, the situation has got worse,...

During a cold winter in the year 1900 two horses ran away. The horses were named Tex and Jerry and lived in the wilderness. After a month the horses returned dying of hunger. From this day they called this small town Hungry Horse. During summer some tourists come to the village to buy...


Les 29, 30 et 31 Mai 2015

To be able to publish pictures, preparatory work is needed to adapt the photographic material to suit the requirements of the different distribution channels. Gaël Turine, whose recent work...

Act &
From 2015-04-15 to 2015-06-14
Exhibition : Denis Darzacq
Tranch war in Iraqi Kurdistan
Video : Edouard Beau
Circulation at the PHOTOMED festival
From 2015-05-28 to 2015-06-21
Exhibition : Bruno Boudjelal
Rêve d'orient
Book : François Fontaine


On the kurdish fronts against isil forces of the "islamic state" based in christian Batnay village, general wahid koveli peshmerga battalion, all muslims, they fight against isil. between teleskeef and batnay, 20 km from mosul. video excerpt, during rocket attack by daesh forces (november 2014)


François Fontaine, whose favorite themes are timeless journey, poetry and dream, develop a photographic work by being guided by his intuitions and emotions, in the manner of a writer or a filmmaker who would realize his diary images. His inspiration mainly feeds his meetings, his voyages and film...