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Photographers, where are they ?

Story by Thomas Haugersveen

On the Kenyan high plateaux, alongside the legendary marathonians are today training the Kenyan Riders. One of the rare totally professional cycling team out of Africa, this squadron displays frankly its ambition : completing in the Tour de France.
Why not also other endurance sports such as road cycling, Singaporean national Nicholas Leong thought. In 2006 he started building a professional cycling team consisting mostly of well-trained runners. The strategy is based on combining the athletic...

Book : Maia Flore
Oriental Dream
From 2015-06-19 to 2015-09-20
Exhibition : François Fontaine
Oran, on Kamel Daoud's traces
Story : Ferhat Bouda
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Maia Flore
VU'WORKSHOP : Imagining and Constructing Your Images

Prix HSBC pour la photographie 2015 Depuis vingt ans, le Prix HSBC pour la Photographie a pour mission d'aider et de promouvoir de façon durable la génération émergente de la photographie. Dans ce cadre, Maia Flore, au titre de lauréate du Prix HSBC 2015, voit sa première monographie...



n the city of Oran, the photographer Ferhat Bouda has met the Algerian intellectual and journalist Kamel Daoud. The latter confides about Algeria and “the Radiant City”. Between the man and the town, an astonishing proximity is forged. “To be Algerian is to be schizophrenic”. Kamel...

09th, 10th and 11th of October 2015

Photography is an incredible medium for conferring magic qualities on representations of the real world: it makes improbable situations possible, transfigures the obvious, and gives form to mental landscapes.
During this workshop designed by Maia Flore as an...

Book : Christian Lutz
RĂŞve d'orient
Book : François Fontaine
Shadows - Au bord de l'ombre
Book : GĂ©rard Rondeau
Peru, the Sacred Valley
From 2015-08-29 to 2015-09-13
Exhibition : Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

"Libellules" est un ouvrage issu d’une résidence d’artiste proposée à Christian Lutz par le BAL (Biennale des arts contemporains aux Libellules). En 2013, le photographe s’est installé dans la cité des Libellules, en périphérie de Genève. Il en a tiré une série d’images qui...

François Fontaine, whose favorite themes are timeless journey, poetry and dream, develop a photographic work by being guided by his intuitions and emotions, in the manner of a writer or a filmmaker who would realize his diary images. His inspiration mainly feeds his meetings, his voyages and film...

Dans ce livre très personnel et poétique, Gérard Rondeau nous offre de magnifiques photographies en noir et blanc, miroirs du monde, de ses zones d'ombre et de souffrance, de ses silences et interstices. Tantôt d'inspiration surréaliste, quand il s'agit du Grand Jeu de Roger Vaillant, tantôt...


In 1990, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto packed his black & white gear and set off for Peru to do enlarged versions of shots by the great MartĂ­n Chambi. He has since made many more trips to the country which is still a source of wonderment for him. The exhibition shows him following in the footsteps...