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Photographers, where are they ?

Story by Massimo Berruti

Hidden Wounds (Drones' Victims) is one of the last chapters of my long term project in Pakistan started in early 2008.

This portrait series has started in June 2011.
It is about people, mostly from North Waziristan, who got involved, either actively or passively in a drone strike event. Some of them have been injured, some others lost one or more family members.

For this project I tried to show their physical wounds as much as their psychological traumas, which are central in this...

Interview with Jeffrey Silverthorne
Jeffrey Silverthorne
Extreme Cities
From 2014-10-09 to 2015-02-01
Exhibition : Steeve Iuncker
In situ, dans les coulisses de l’Opéra de Paris
From 2014-10-10 to 2014-11-23
Exhibition : Pierre-Elie de Pibrac
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Jean-Christian Bourcart
VU'WORKSHOP : Pushing the boundaries. Moving forward together.

Entretien réalisé en 2011 à la Galerie VU J. Silverthorne nous guide sur le chemin de sa trajectoire photographique au travers du regard qu'il pose sur quelques uns de ses clichés. Actif depuis la fin des années 1960, il multiplie les séries sur des sujets extrêmes : un abattoir, une...


Within a couple of years, over 70% of the global population will live in urban areas. How talk about cities, about what takes us up everyday ? What does it mean to take a look at a city in a personnal and simple way, a city that has something more than the others ? Is it visible ? Is it so...


De septembre 2013 à juillet 2014, le photographe Pierre-Elie de Pibrac accompagne le quotidien du Ballet de l’Opéra national de Paris. Une saison complète, historique et charnière, puisqu’elle signe le départ de Nicolas Le Riche et porte l’ombre de la passation de la direction de la...

7th, 8th and 9th of November 2014
A workshop with Jean-Christian Bourcart is a journey through which we move forward together towards the unknown, we reveal ourselves in an audacious and daring manner, creating spaces of freedom within the fields of the arts, psychology, metaphysics and humor.

Mères et Fils
Book : Denis Dailleux
Unframed - Ellis Island
Story : JR
Under Gods : Stories from the Soho Road
From 2014-09-18 to 2014-10-18
Exhibition : Liz Hingley
Cadets : au coeur des académies militaires
Book : Paolo Verzone

Denis Dailleux, qui vit au Caire, ne cesse de montrer le peuple égyptien, dont il est tombé amoureux voilà quinze ans. « Mère et fils » est certainement sa série la plus personnelle et la plus troublante. Avec pudeur et délicatesse, il nous emmène dans l’intimité de familles où...


The "Unframed - Ellis Island" project is about bringing alive the memory of Ellis Island, the entry point to America for millions of immigrants. Coming from all over the world, leaving their belongings, their family and their past behind them, with the fear that they may be sent back to it, the...


The exhibition ‘Under Gods’ explores the everyday religious experiences of the complex and multifaceted communities that live around one road in Birmingham. The Soho Road is situated close to the urban centre of England’s second biggest city, where over 90 different nationalities now live....

Un reportage exceptionnel au cœur des grandes académies militaires d’Europe. Entre 2009 et 2013, le photographe Paolo Verzone a voyagé à travers l'Europe pour réaliser les portraits de cadets des plus grandes académies militaires du continent. Intéressé depuis longtemps dans la quête...