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Photographers, where are they ?

From 2016-02-19 to 2016-08-19

Etablissement Public de Santé Mentale de la Réunion - Saint-Paul Cedex (FRANCE)
Exhibition by Jean-Robert Dantou
A bent toothbrush, a pipe, a trashbag, an engagement ring, perfume bottles...
Jean-Robert Dantou puts into perspective representations of madness in the history of photography, and propose a series of objects and texts presented as windows into the daily lives of thoses described more as than as human being.

\"Objects and constraints\" is the result of a three-year dialog between the photographer Jean-Robert Dantou, and an...

VU' Politics
Agence VU
Tierra del Fuego
Video : Rodrigo Gomez Rovira
Love in Time Square
Story : Jean-Christian Bourcart
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Cédric Gerbehaye
VU'WORKSHOP : Documentary Photography:
To commit with your story

On November 2016, The United States of America will elect its 45th President. French voters will be called to the polls on Spring 2017 in order to elect the President of the French Republic. Two elections that VU' photographers are already covering. VU' Politics is the new VU' website,...


Since 20 years, I’m going to Patagonia. The fire land is a territory where de South doesn’t exist anymore and where my family moved at the beginning of the agrarian chilean land reform. During the winter 2011, I planed a journey of ten days in the region, I met a « Ovejero Caminante »...


At a time when self-representation prevails on a global representation of the world, love has to be recorded, showed and displayed. On Time Square, New York, a giant screen broadcasts live pictures of the crowd. People get ecstatic discovering images of themselves as tall as buildings, and...

October 28th, 29th and 30th 2016
May it be for the here or the elsewhere, when one photographs in the form of documentary, several steps are to be undertaken, which is what this Workshop will scrutinise and analyse in depth. From the very first location spotting to a true understanding of what is at stake...

Exhibition « Confraternités » (teaser)
Interview : Paolo Verzone
Into the World
From 2016-05-25 to 2016-08-28
Exhibition : Steeve Iuncker
Grand Paris: Here and Now
Story : Pierre-Olivier Deschamps
Eritrea, the « African North Korea »
Story : Massimo Berruti

« The Interprofessional Committee of Champagne Wines » invited Paolo Verzone photographing Saint Vincent brotherhoods (patron saint of winemakers). The exhibition « Confraternités » is to discover at the Villa Bissinger at Ay in Champagne until July 3 and then in all the Champagne region...


Addiction, hazing, excessive alcoholism, sporting events, first sexual intercourses, violence, rock shows... Is this a new form of these rites of passage that traditionally mark the end of puberty? Nowadays is there any rite that marks the passage through adolescence towards adulthood ? As claimed...


Pierre-Olivier Deschamps went to visit 57 suburban territories which will be served in few years by the Grand Paris Express, a strategic transport project in Ile-de-France to connect various cities of the area. Spending two years travelling throughout urban and peri-urban landscapes that will be...


It is hard to guess what is happening behind the opaque borders of Eritrea. The small Sahelian country is among the poorest of the world. Eventhough the international community is not really aware of the situation inside the country, the thousands of refugees fleeing from it testify of one of the...