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Photographers, where are they ?

Story by Christian Lutz

A few kilometers from the city center of Geneva, the most populated city in Switzerland and the European nerve center of the international organizations, the housing towers rise caught by the main highways which leave the area desperately landlocked in the margin: a panorama that can be found identically in most suburbs of European cities.

Christian Lutz lived three months with the inhabitants of the Libellules district, suburban area of Geneva's suburbs. He approaches to this cartography of...

Israel Ariño - Le Temps éparpillé (1995-2005)
News : Agence VU
Oran, on Kamel Daoud's traces
Story : Ferhat Bouda
Coffrets N° 8 à 13
Video : Agence VU
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Maia Flore
VU'WORKSHOP : Imagining and Constructing Your Images

Prochaine Exposition à la Galerie VU' du 17 juillet - 12 septembre 2015 Dans une évidente filiation avec la photographie qu'elle défend depuis sa création, la Galerie VU' présente, pour la première fois, le travail du photographe espagnol Israel Ariño: une exposition qui parcourt...


n the city of Oran, the photographer Ferhat Bouda has met the Algerian intellectual and journalist Kamel Daoud. The latter confides about Algeria and “the Radiant City”. Between the man and the town, an astonishing proximity is forged. “To be Algerian is to be schizophrenic”. Kamel...


Produit en édition limitée à 100 exemplaires, chaque coffret, consacré à un photographe de VU, réunit sept tirages fine art pigmentaires originaux format 18 x 24 cm réalisés sous la supervision de l’artiste, accompagnés d’un certificat d’authenticité signé et numéroté. Les...

09th, 10th and 11th of October 2015

Photography is an incredible medium for conferring magic qualities on representations of the real world: it makes improbable situations possible, transfigures the obvious, and gives form to mental landscapes.
During this workshop designed by Maia Flore as an...

Peru, the Sacred Valley
From 2015-08-29 to 2015-09-13
Exhibition : Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
Le Spitzberg, sentinelle du réchauffement climatique
Paolo Verzone
Rêve d'orient
Book : François Fontaine
Teaser - D'entre eux
Video : Cédric Gerbehaye

In 1990, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto packed his black & white gear and set off for Peru to do enlarged versions of shots by the great Martín Chambi. He has since made many more trips to the country which is still a source of wonderment for him. The exhibition shows him following in the footsteps...


L'île principale de l'archipel norvégien de Svalbard est devenue un poste avancé de la recherche sur le réchauffement climatique : des scientifiques du monde entier viennent observer l'intensification de la fonte des glaces. Le Texte : Simon Roger / Le Monde

François Fontaine, whose favorite themes are timeless journey, poetry and dream, develop a photographic work by being guided by his intuitions and emotions, in the manner of a writer or a filmmaker who would realize his diary images. His inspiration mainly feeds his meetings, his voyages and film...


« D’entre eux », the new work of Cédric Gerbehaye in Belgium, has been made as part of Mons European Capital of Culture 2015. It will be exposed at the FotoMuseum in Anvers (Belgium) from the 25th of June and at Saint-Georges room in Mons (Belgium) from the 6th of November 2015. The eponym...