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© Lars Tunbjörk (01/20)
Mitt Romney and his wife Ann, hosting a campaign rally. Council Bluffs, Iowa, January 2012.
© Cédric Gerbehaye (02/20)
Sinas, from the village of Soda in Blue Nile, Sudan, is making the soghum in her hut in the camp of Doro. South Sudan, Upper Nile State, February 2012
© Pieter Ten Hoopen (03/20)
Emergency Surgical Centre for war victims. Abdul Nafeh, a local police officer, has fatally infected wounds. Kabul, Afghanistan, March 2012.
© Michael Zumstein (04/20)
Macky Sall supporters are celebrating the victory of their candidate for the Senegalese Presidential election. Dakar, Senegal, March 2012.
© Michael Zumstein (05/20)
Refugee camp of Mangaizé, where almost 3.000 Malian have seeked refuge. Children are resting under a shelter. Mangaizé, Niger, April 2012.
© Ian Teh (06/20)
Aung San Suu Kyi at a National League for Democracy meeting. Further to their overwhelming victory (90%),
the representatives are discussing a common strategy. Rangoon, Myanmar, April 2012.
© Richard Dumas (07/20)
Portrait of Michael Haneke, Austrian film director and winner of Cannes Festival's Palme d'or. Cannes, France. May 2012.
© Ian Teh (08/20)
Londoners during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. London, June 2012.
© Massimo Berruti (09/20)
Supporters of the Greek Right wing New Democratic Party Demonstrating in the streets of Athens. Athens, Greece. June 2012.
© Denis Dailleux (10/20)
Jubilant scenes in Cairo street, after Mohamed Morsi has won the Egyptian presidential elections. Egypt, June 2012.
© Paolo Pellizzari (11/20)
Olympic Games, road cycling event. London, UK, July 2012.
© Gaël Turine (12/20)
A wall, of 3200km long, separate India and Bangladesh. The numbers of arrests, of acts of torture and of deaths, have established this border as being the most
dangerous and the bloodiest border in the world, with an average of one death every 5 days. Dinajpur, Bangladesh, August 2012.
© Stephen Dock (13/20)
In Syria, on the frontline, a wounded soldier is carried away. Aleppo, Syria, August 2012.
© Pieter Ten Hoopen (14/20)
Demonstration in Cairo from Tahir Square to the US embassy, after the diffusion of extracts from a movie insulting Prophet Mahomet.
A young woman who got injured by the police, is being carried out of the crowd. Egypt, September 2012
© Michael Zumstein (15/20)
A militia group, composed of around 1.300 young men and women, are being taught the art of fighting and trained to handle weapons,
in order to reconquer the north of the country which is in the hand of Islamists groups. Soufouroulaye Youth Camp, near Mopti, Mali. October 2012.
© Miquel Dewever-Plana (16/20)
"Alma, a tale of violence" a web documentary by Miquel Dewever-Plana and Isabelle Fougère. Co-produced by Arte, Upian and Agence VU October 2012.
© Massimo Berruti (17/20)
Destruction brought on by Hurricane Sandy. As a consequence to the cyclone, New York remained without electricity and public transport for several months. Rockaway Beach, New York. November 2012.
© Stephen Dock (18/20)
The 48 members of the Syrian National Council gather to vote for a new President. Syria, Albab, November 2012
© Darcy Padilla (19/20)
Chicago, on the night of November the 6th, Barack Obama has been re elected as president of the United States for a second mandate.
Chicago, Illinois, US. November 2012.
© Stephen Dock (20/20)
During the "Pillar of defense" operation, Israel has bombed Hamas positions as well as several police stations. Gaza Strip, Gaza City, November 2012.
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