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80+80, photo_graphic design

80+80, photo_graphic design is the meeting of two professions both of which fashion images and, by contrasting their experiences and the respective ways they look at things, they explore a new dimension of visual creation. Each graphic designer was given an image by a photographer. It was up to him to find the contrast. So this was a real high-risk creative clash!
How can a photographic image be appropriated and worked upon when it is usually part of a photographer’s own professional journey and also self-sufficient? The graphic designers certainly faced some terrible dilemmas! The images exhibited are the result of a clash between two sensibilities, two professions. Some of the graphic designers felt that they had to superimpose their own visual or typographic codes upon the photographic image, whereas others have given it a totally different interpretation and formally de- structured it. Finally, others have added meaning, sometimes in a deliberately transgressive way. The idea for this exhibition came from the Agence VU’ and the Galerie Anatome and it is designed to celebrate 20th anniversary of the former. It brought about a unique encounter through the ambition and nature of a challenge laid down to 160 creative artists.

The exhibition consists of 81 posters including one generic poster (90.5 x 128 cm), with no frames and 93 photographic prints laminated on aluminium and framed in black oak:

- 57 black and white: 40 x 40 cm (13) - 40 x 50 cm (7) - 40 x 60 cm (36) - 40 x 80 cm (1)

- 36 colour: 40 x 40 cm (7) - 40 x 50 cm (7) - 40 x 60 cm (20)

The whole exhibition is packaged in 4 transportation crates.

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