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Current Exhibitions

Stéphane Duroy - Again And Again
Espace Photographique Leica (FRANCE)
From 2017-01-06 to 2017-04-08

Stéphane Duroy - Again and Again
From 2017-01-06 to 2017-04-09

Malik Nejmi - El Maghreb, Returns to My Father Land
Bibliothèque Elsa Triolet (FRANCE)
From 2017-03-02 to 2017-04-15

Nolwenn Brod - Devenirs
Le Château d'Eau (FRANCE)
From 2017-03-09 to 2017-04-30

Gérard Rondeau - Dans l\'intimité du monde
Espace Paul Rebeyrolle (FRANCE)
From 2017-03-12 to 2017-04-21

Next exhibitions

Martin Bogren - Tractor Boys
Commanderie Saint-Jean (FRANCE)
From 2017-03-31 to 2017-05-21

Françoise Huguier - Grand Paris, the intimate approach of Françoise Huguer
BETC – Les Magasins généraux (FRANCE)
From 2017-04-08 to 0000-00-00


Ian Teh

Singapore International Photography Festival 2012

Singapour (SINGAPORE)

From 2012-10-05 to 2012-11-17

Traces is an epic exploration into the industrial hinterlands of China’s far flung and impoverished provinces such as Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, and Shaanxi; including also the country’s most polluted city, Linfen, once nicknamed in the 80s as the “Modern Fruit and Flower Town”.

The series depict scenes in the countryside, a traditionally rural landscape that in the past three decades has seen the encroachment of industrialization. Set where once farmlands grew green, these images depict the fast-breeding industry of cement, steel and coal. Rampant growth, corruption and poorly regulated laws have allowed factories to spill their untreated effluent into local streams. Over-mining has caused rivers to run dry and noxious fumes rise and fall again as acid rain and the ecosystem of vast areas are stripped by the looming promise of luxury apartments. These immense swaths of agricultural land have become the centre stage for much of China’s industrial revolution.

It is this space, where the edges of cities and heavy industry continually impinge upon the countryside in its progressive expansion that has been the focus of my attention. Whilst there is no doubt that China and many of its people have benefitted enormously from its economic reform policies it is also clear that it faces an environmental crisis that puts its future in an uncertain balance.

To illustrate, I quote a retired truck driver in Inner Mongolia, “ Nowadays we have a better standard of living even if our life spans are shorter because of the pollution. Nothing made here stays here, our government has exported our blue skies to the West.”

In a bid for economic and financial growth, the work bears contemplative witness to the consequential tears to the land and ultimately man’s impact on his surroundings. From industrialization to pollution I am fascinated with the landscape being a repository for humanity’s endeavors; being somehow a source of memory and a silent testament to our material desires.

Exhibitions catalog

Monographic exhibitions

Albert & Verzone
Bacigalupo Martina
Berruti Massimo
Boudjelal Bruno
Brault Philippe
Chapin Jean-Luc
Chivet Sophie
Coulange Olivier
Dailleux Denis
Darzacq Denis
Delpoux Dominique
Descamps Bernard
Deschamps Pierre-Olivier
Desprez Bertrand
Doury Claudine
Duroy Stéphane
Eshraghi Isabelle
Flore Maia
Fontaine François
Gomez Rovira Rodrigo
Goussard Christophe
Grignet Brigitte
Guigui Stanislas
Hingley Liz
Hock Marin
Hopkins Rip
Huguier Françoise
Hyytiäinen Arja
Iuncker Steeve
Lambert Yvon
Lecloux Frédéric
Lekfeldt Thomas
Lutz Christian
Martin Claire
Mirguet Olivier
Navia José Manuel
Nejmi Malik
Pauquet Claude
Picard Fabrice
Picard Serge
Pierrot Emmanuel
Propeck Agnès
Rearick Anne
Rondeau GĂ©rard
Sauveur David
Sutkus Antanas
Taberna Patrick
Teh Ian
Ten Hoopen Pieter
Tillim Guy
Turine Gaël
Van Denderen Ad
Vanden Eeckhoudt Michel
Wasif Munem
Winship Vanessa
Yankang Yang
Zuili Guillaume

Collective Exhibitions

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  • 80+80, photo_graphic design
  • Full Size Nature
  • VU' in Paris
  • European Works

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