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Photographers, where are they ?

Story by Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

From Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, to the sacred town of Machu Picchu, following the stream of the Urbamba river, Peru offer to its visitors an extraordinary panorama as well as a journey through time.

Officially discovered in 1911, the ancient city of Machu Picchu remains a mystery on the architectural aspect but also in its social and religious role for the Incas and their Emperor Pachacutec. This historical site that is the highest dead city in the world has been listed...

Travels in the outskirts
Story : Bruno Boudjelal
Kano, Boko Haram's major strategic target in Nothern Nigeria
Story : Philippe Brault
Central African Republic, The wages of fear
Story : Michael Zumstein
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Gaël Turine
VU'WORKSHOP : From the Photographic Material to Publication

"The journey is tied to adventure, a human adventure where mingles self-discovery and encounters with unknown people, often from a different culture. Traveling is the fact of going elsewhere, another place far away where the imaginary takes all the space, way before the departure. Traveling breaks...


Since July 2014, the northern Nigerian city of Kano was six times under attacks of the islamist faction Boko Haram. The assault of the 17th of September killed 15 people and wounded 35. These deadly actions reflect the daily violence that Nigerian government is unable to stop. Second largest...


In Central African Republic, torn appart by the conflict beetween Christians and Muslims, diamonds production decreased sightly. Dispite the dissolution of the Seleka, a muslim coalition opposed to the former president François Bozizé, mining still fuels the conflict. East of the country became...

February 6th, 7th and 8th, 2015

To be able to publish pictures, preparatory work is needed to adapt the photographic material to suit the requirements of the different distribution channels. Gaël Turine, whose recent work "The Wall of Fear” has been published in the form of press articles, a book,...

Present Tense
From 2015-01-30 to 2015-03-07
Exhibition : Lorenzo Castore
France, The scars of a landscape
Story : Pierre-Olivier Deschamps
Sur la piste des mafias de l'environnement - le bois qui saigne
Michael Zumstein
Haiti, Port au Prince, 5 years after
Story : Gaël Turine

Present Tense occupe une place à part dans l’œuvre du photographe. Lorenzo Castore dit de cette série qu’elle est son éducation sentimentale. Avec Paradiso et Nero, il explorait La Havane et les mines de Sardaigne. Si ces photographies confinaient bien plus à des séries de visions —...


A few days after the killings at Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters, in Montrouge and at the Hyper Cacher of Porte de Vincennes, I wanted to draw a topography of the attacks. The overexposure of the events shown by the continuous broadcasting, over the news channels, of the pictures of the attacks...


De Madagascar à Hongkong, révélations rur le très lucratif trafic de bois de rose. (Enquête du - photos de Michaël Zumstein)


In January 2015, it will be the five years commemoration of the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti and mainly its capital Port-au-Prince. The city remains scarred by the disaster, and the population, thanks to a great courage and a profound sense of survival and adaptation, has learnt to live in a...