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Photographers, where are they ?

Story by Massimo Berruti

Hidden Wounds (Drones' Victims) is one of the last chapters of my long term project in Pakistan started in early 2008.

This portrait series has started in June 2011.
It is about people, mostly from North Waziristan, who got involved, either actively or passively in a drone strike event. Some of them have been injured, some others lost one or more family members.

For this project I tried to show their physical wounds as much as their psychological traumas, which are central in this...

Hijabistas in Indonesia
Story : Françoise Huguier
Story : Thomas Lekfeldt
Gulu Real Art Studio
Story : Martina Bacigalupo
Photography Workshop
in Bayeux
Agence VU
VU'WORKSHOP : Documentary photography

Before the 1980s, few women wore veils in Indonesia. The Islamic fashion trend began in the early 2000s. Young designers have decided to combine the veil, a requirement of the Quran, with fashion. Initially, the outfits of the designers were too complicated and unsuited to youth and active...


Thomas Lekfeldt has photographed the last Vikings during important gatherings, in Denmark and Norway. These people, passionate about Viking culture, are working during the day, and over the weekend or during their spare time, at home or during small gatherings, their develop their knowledge of ...


A series of portraits found in the trash bin of the “Gulu Real Art Studio,” the oldest photographic studio in Gulu, Northern Uganda. The studio only has a machine that makes four ID images at a time, a number that most clients cannot afford, so the photographer takes single analog pictures,...

From October 8th to 12th, 2014

On the occasion of the Bayeux-Calvados award for war correspondents, to be held from October 6th to 12th, 2014, Agence VU’ and Nikon France offer a unique 3 days workshop around documentary photography.
Cédric Gerbehaye and Michaël Zumstein, as well as a...

Hungry Horse
From 2014-07-07 to 2014-09-21
Exhibition : Pieter Ten Hoopen
KPOP in Malaysia
Story : Françoise Huguier
Rio, a mental landscape
Story : Vincent Catala
Michael Ackerman

\"In 2003, a little before the US presidential elections, I decided that I wanted to document the USA through one town, one small environment. George W. Bush was elected for the second time and was fighting terrorism. This is the story of a small town, Hungry Horse, situated in the Montana Rocky...


The KPOP is a Korean musical genre derived from the popular Korean music and Anglo-Saxon pop. In the 1990s, entertainment companies launch the first girls and boys bands. The KPOP phenomenon has quickly conquered the younger generation of South East Asia. At concerts, those bands cause hysteria...


This work in progress, which started around the end of 2012, explores an urban space conducive to the disorientation of the stranger who discovers it. This loss of reference points is enhanced by the vision of a reality far removed from the imagined representations. The city gives rise to a...


This is a show in which Michael Ackerman’s photographs interact with Vincent Courtois’s musical creations, which Courtois performs on his cello, allowing a lot of leeway for improvisation. In it we wanted to think about the rhythm of the images, and not be subjected to the usual norms of...