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Photographers, where are they ?

Story by Rip Hopkins

Through 96 portraits, Rip Hopkins delivers a surprising picture of Belgium contemporary aristocracy. Dukes, Countesses, princes and baronesses pose in front of his camera and present us with the list of their titles and ancestors. 99 families from various backgrounds are pictured here.
Arond25,000 people are part of Belgium nobility, which means about 0.2 % of the country population. Each year, 20 new names are added to the list, ennobled by the king. Hence, if at the time of the Ancien...

Miguel de Cervantes or the Wish to Live
Book : José Manuel Navia
«Only the outraged shall come in»
Story : Philippe Brault

From 2016-04-01 to 2016-05-22
Exhibition : Vincent Catala
Photography Workshop
in Paris
CĂ©dric Gerbehaye
VU'WORKSHOP : Documentary Photography:
To commit with your story

“In this project, no doubt one of the most personal in which I have been involved to date, I set out to address unreservedly the difficult and fascinating relationship – which for me is essential – between image and word, photography and literature, always on the basis of the importance that...


Though the year 2016 is still in its earlier months, numerous social movements have already emerged and seem here to last. Strikes against the labour reform, opposition to the state of emergency, #NuitDebout movement, denunciation of police brutality...not only are they times of exasperation and...


June 10th, 11th and 13th 2016
May it be for the here or the elsewhere, when one photographs in the form of documentary, several steps are to be undertaken, which is what this Workshop will scrutinise and analyse in depth. From the very first location spotting to a true understanding of what is at stake...

Objects and constraints
From 2016-02-19 to 2016-08-19
Exhibition : Jean-Robert Dantou
Act 2 (3e Scène)
Denis Darzacq
Grande-Synthe, the grave of the Republic
Story : Gaël Turine
Belgian Blue Blood
From 2016-04-15 to 2016-04-24
Exhibition : Rip Hopkins

A bent toothbrush, a pipe, a trashbag, an engagement ring, perfume bottles... Jean-Robert Dantou puts into perspective representations of madness in the history of photography, and propose a series of objects and texts presented as windows into the daily lives of thoses described more as than as...


The photographer Denis Darzacq likes to capture ephemeral moments, like in his series “La Chute” (“The Fall”, 2005-2006), which shows bodies hovering just above the floor. For him, the Paris Opera’s proposal to work with dancers who are among the best in the world was a “marvellous...


Since 2006, the humanitarian camp of Grande-Synthe, close to the French town of Dunkerke, is hosting refugees who have paid thousands euros the hope of finding a better future in England. Until last summer, there were 80. Their number has been multiplied by 30 within 6 months. The...


Un hôtel particulier de 700 mètres carrés est entièrement recouvert de tirages géants. Il s’agit d’agrandissements des objets intimes des personnes photographiées. Ces images entrent en résonance avec l’architecture du lieu et invitent le visiteur à ouvrir son regard sur...