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Photographers, where are they ?

Story by Pierre-Elie de Pibrac

Since more than 300 years, the Paris Opera Ballet maintains the excellence of the French dance. Pierre-Elie de Pibrac has been immerged for months into the intimacy of such a prestigious ballet.

Created at the end of the 17th century by King Louis XIV who was found of dance, this ballet is now the oldest company in the West, and has been evoluted in accordance with dance styles, from romantic pieces to Diaghilev’s and later Noureev’s creations.

The Paris opera, a large and luxurious...

Family love
Book : Darcy Padilla
Cadets : au coeur des académies militaires
Book : Paolo Verzone
Stress Constraint Objects
From 2014-11-13 to 2014-12-13
Exhibition : Jean-Robert Dantou
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Agence VU
VU'WORKSHOP : How to layout one's photographic work: from portfolio to self-publication

En 1993, Darcy Padilla, journaliste photographe-reporter, rencontre Julie Baird au cours d’un reportage à l’Ambassador, un de ces hôtels du quartier de Tenderloin, à San Francisco, qui tient lieu d’annexe aux hôpitaux surchargés. Elle la suit pendant 18 ans, jusqu’à sa mort,...

Un reportage exceptionnel au cœur des grandes académies militaires d’Europe. Entre 2009 et 2013, le photographe Paolo Verzone a voyagé à travers l'Europe pour réaliser les portraits de cadets des plus grandes académies militaires du continent. Intéressé depuis longtemps dans la quête...


5, 6, 7 December 2014
To learn how to select from one's photographs and to organize them in a meticulous layout, is today more important than ever to show one's work. The current renewed interest in photo-books is a proof of a need to apprehend images in a clear and definite form: nowadays,...

Unframed - Ellis Island
Story : JR
Back to Mali, on the banks of Niger river
Story : Gaël Turine
Villes + (partie 3) Ahwaz-Iran, the most polluted city in the world
Story : Steeve Iuncker
India and Bangladesh - The Wall and Fear
Story : Gaël Turine

The "Unframed - Ellis Island" project is about bringing alive the memory of Ellis Island, the entry point to America for millions of immigrants. Coming from all over the world, leaving their belongings, their family and their past behind them, with the fear that they may be sent back to it, the...


South, the greenery. North, the desert. In between runs the Niger river. French photographer Gaël Turine has sailed through Mali, from Djenné to Timbuktu, alongside the banks of Niger river that tends to be a crucial local meeting point. Since the French intervention in Mali, serenity is...


Ahwaz city is located in South-western Iran right in the middle of the province of which this city is the capital. Lying in the Tigre basin nearby the Zagros mountains, it's 20 meters above sea level. Although winters are short, clement and rather dry, summers are long and extremly hot, during...


In 1993, India began building a dividing wall over a distance of 3 200 kilometers [approximately 2000 miles], separating it from neighboring Bangladesh. Officially it was to protect the country from Islamist terrorists and illegal migrants. Here people are arrested, tortured and killed, making this...