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Photographers, where are they ?

Serie by Guy Tillim

Born during a artistic residency, the series Edit Beijing is the conclusion of Guy Tillim's wandering throught Beijing's streets and alleys.

With this pictures, the South African photographer captures instants from the daylilife before presenting them as dyptichs or triptychs. The photos are placed side by side to, in a playful manner, create a feeling of consistency as if it was a continuous scene when they are in fact independant pictures. ??

Quite different from the cityscapes' photos...

Berbers in Morocco, resisting and defending their culture
From 2107-09-02 to 2017-09-17
Exhibition : Ferhat Bouda
Sète #17
From 2017-05-24 to 2017-06-11
Exhibition : Anne Rearick
Shanghai Sacred
Serie : Liz Hingley
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Bruno Boudjelal
Apprendre à voir
Prendre position

Berber culture dates back to ancient times, yet is one of the least known cultures of North Africa and is now under threat. The Amazigh (i.e. Berber) people live on a vast expanse of land stretching from the Atlantic coast of Morocco to the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. They have not led any quest for...


Des gens, des lumières. On pourrait dire que Sète se résume à cela sous l’œil d’Anne Rearick. Tout simplement, avec l’immense liberté qui est la sienne, avec la souplesse qui lui fait balader de façon élégante le carré de son cadre jusqu’à réduire, sans le limiter, l’espace...


Shanghai – the booming Chinese metropolis of 24 million people – is famous for its economic dynamism and architectural daring. At the same time however this international fashion and financial centre is a hub of cultural and religious vitality. Despite “Religions” being officially...

De Septembre 2017 à Février 2018
Pour ce workshop intensif de 6 mois, Bruno Boudjelal, photographe et commissaire d’exposition, et Martine Ravache, historienne et critique de la photographie, s’associent pour vous proposer un cursus inédit où s’imbriquent une réflexion sur votre regard et un...

Q* Bending Gender
From 2017-04-08 to 2017-09-17
Exhibition : Laerke Posselt
En bas la ville
Book : Gaël Turine
L'enchantement va de soi
Serie : Maia Flore
« Disputed land »
Serie : Gaël Turine

The patriarchy that has been the normality for centuries is dissolving in Northern Europe and other parts of the Western World. Now, 100 years after women in Denmark were given the right to vote, the gender is up for negotiation. At the international fashion weeks transgenders went down the...

Photographer Gaël Turine and writer Laurent Gaudé travelled together to Haiti. Struck by the dignity of the Haitians plunged into a chaotic setting, they take away from their stay documentary material, but also a more literary approach; an accurate reflection of their experience. This accordion...


It would be an off-season holidays. A period of time which exist just because a woman has decided, for herself. Deauville: a seaside resort with the colors of former days. A woman is wearing the memories of other women who came here before. Wives who stand together, independente mothers,...


Fifty years ago, between June 5th and 10th 1967, Israel invaded the Egyptian Sinaï, the West Bank, the Gaza strip and the Syrian Golan Heights during a blitzkrieg. The « Six-Days War » redrawn the Middle East's frontiers. Since then, the Israeli state has officially withdrew from the...

Anita Conti - Loustal 2/2
Interview : Agence VU
Anita Conti
From 2017-05-12 to 2017-07-13
Exhibition : Anita Conti
Another side of Iran
Serie : Isabelle Eshraghi
Idaho, True West
Serie : Anne Rearick

In the second part of the interview, Anita Conti's son Laurent Girault-Conti, and French illustrator Jacques de Loustal, talk about their vision of the work of Anita Conti. At Galerie VU', until July 29th, 2017.


Anita Conti, aventurière passionnée et libre, tirait sa révérence il y a tout juste 20 ans, un soir de décembre.  La Galerie VU’ consacre une rétrospective à celle qui a témoigné de l’âpreté de la vie en mer, s’embarquant avec les « racleurs d’océans » pour documenter...


Since the removal of international sanctions against Tehran last year, which marked the Iran return in the world economic system, the country image is being renewed. Encouraged by agreements with several countries such as France, tourism contributes to this change of representation. Despite...


The American West has changed immeasurably since Anne Rearick was born, in the sixties, in Boise, Idaho. The increasing population has spread subdivisions and shopping malls accelerating the commodification, tourism and homogenization of the region. Farmland growing onion, sugar beets, alfalfa and...

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