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Photographers, where are they ?

Serie by Lars Tunbjörk

The American novelist Philip Roth passed away at the age of 85. Worldwide celebrated for his work and the painting it draws of contemporary America, the author of American Pastoral and Portnoy's Complaint had announced his retirement a few years ago.

Lars Tunbjörk had met him in 2003 and, for a day, walked with him through the streets of Newark, his hometown and the settings of several of his novels.

More than just a serie of portrait, the photographer is proposing here a true research...

Sublimes and Kpop
From 2018-06-08 to 2018-07-16
Exhibition : Françoise Huguier
On the Edge of Afghanistan
Serie : Andrew Quilty
Book : Denis Dailleux
Photography Workshops
in Anglet (Bayonne)
Jane Evelyn Atwood
Réaliser un reportage photographique en immersion

E?tre femme photographe « À chaque fois que je proposais un sujet à un média, on me disait : « Tu crois que tu en es capable ? » ; « Tu n’y arriveras pas » … Il faut se battre, être opiniâtre, faire face aux réflexions, argumenter. C’est un combat continuel, encore aujourd’hui. Par contre, sur le...


On the Edge of Afghanistan In Nimruz, a South-West province of Afghanistan, more than 200.000 Afghans have crossed the Iranian border in 18 months in spite of Taliban attacks, kidnapping dangers and extreme climate. It is their only hope for a better future. The region is located at the...

Réalisée par Denis Dailleux à partir de 1987, cette série de portraits en noir et blanc, publiée ici pour la première fois, commence par une rencontre dans le train : « C’est en rentrant de mon village où, durant l’été, j’avais photographié les habitants et ma grand-tante Juliette que j’ai fait la...

Du 7 au 13 Juin 2018
Ce stage d’une semaine amènera les stagiaires à gagner en expérience et en assurance dans la réalisation d’un reportage axé sur le suivi en immersion du quotidien d’un individu, d’une communauté humaine ou d’une zone territoriale.

Le Festival du Regard
From 2018-06-08 to 2018-07-08
Exhibition : Claudine Doury
From 2018-05-08 to 2018-05-26
Exhibition : Martin Bogren
Interview with Ferhat Bouda (in French)
Ferhat Bouda
Françoise Huguier
Book : Françoise Huguier

From her first black and white photographs taken in 1990 in the USSR to her latest series The New Man, the Festival du Regard looks back over more than twenty-five years of a career devoted largely to the theme of adolescence. After studying journalism in the 1980s, Claudine Doury worked as a...


Italia reveals the evolution of a photographic writing that seems to find its acme point. Taking away both the more documentary approach of his previous series (Ocean, Lowlands, Tractor Boys...) and his influences (Swedish photography is a heritage full of references), Martin Bogren has travelled...


Émissions, Le réveil culturel de Tewfik Hakem. "Entretien avec le photographe Ferhat Bouda pour une exposition à la SCAM à Paris réunissant son travail autour des Amazighs, les Berbères, et leur culture singulière et ancestrale aujourd'hui en train de disparaître. De ses voyages au Niger et...

Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontières RSF) dedicates the next issue of the collection « 100 PICTURES FOR THE FREEDOM OF PRESS » to Françoise Huguier's work. When Françoise Huguier defines herself as a simple « documentary photographer », she has though imposed her multifaced sight...

Travel narratives aboard the Aquarius
Martina Bacigalupo
And Time Folds
Book : Vanessa Winship
Book : José Manuel Navia
The Putin generation
Serie : Davide Monteleone

On the occasion of the International Women's day, on the 8th of March 2018, MSF has published pictures and travel narratives gathered by Martina Bacigalupo, aboard the Aquarius on the Mediterranean Sea.

This beautiful volume accompanies a career retrospective exhibition of British photographer Vanessa Winship at London’s Barbican Art Gallery. The extensive show is catalogued in the book which encompasses all Winship’s major series and includes previously unpublished recent work. An essay by...

Apart from their evident mastery of colour and framing, Navia’s documentary photographs are noted for their humanistic approach to landscapes and peoples of the South: the Mediterranean, Africa, Latin America and any regions with Latin and Iberian roots. According to series director Chema...


Their names are Lera, Mikhail, Vladislav or Ekaterina. They are Russian, are between 18 and 19 years old and went to vote for the first time during the presidential election which renewed Vladimir Putin at the head of the country for a fourth mandate. Whether they chose or not to vote for the...

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