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Photographers, where are they ?

Story by Michael Zumstein

From the poor villages in the Malagasy natural reserve of Masoala to the suburbs of Xianyou, new city in the Fujian province, China, Michael Zumstein traced back to its roots the trafficking of Bolabola rosewood. It is popular due to its incredible density to many rich Chinese buyers that wish to create replica furniture dating from the Ming and Qing periods.

While the average wage of a Malagasy farmer is of 2,50€ per day, the industry that has flourished around the delivery of rosewood,...

The Love Commandos in Delhi
Story : Gaël Turine
Trafficking Bolabola rose wood : China (2/2)
Story : Michael Zumstein
World Press Photo 2015
News : Paolo Verzone
Photography Workshop
in Paris
Paolo Verzone
VU'WORKSHOP : LUX: Light Applied to the Portrait

In India, the caste system, religious differences, socio-economic gaps and ancestral traditions of arranged marriages are seen today as a barrier to the freedom to love. The resistance of the families creates many dramas. There are more than a thousand honor killings (mainly women) per year in the...


In the Furniture Palace in Xianyou, replica to Forbidden City, Mr. Huang Fuhua proudly poses in front of an immense sign sculpted in dark wood from Madagascar, valued at 700 000 euros. The CEO of Sanfu Classical Furniture Craft owns a few factories and showrooms in the city. He imports his raw...


Paolo Verzone, 3rd Prize stories, Portraits, for ''Cadets''. Cadets est une série de portraits de cadets issus des plus importantes académies militaires d'Europe.

March 27th, 28th and 29th, 2015

Light is to the photographer what colour is to the painter: A basic raw material.
Paolo Verzone, a portraitist who produces personal works (Cadets, Ed. De La Martinière) and does commissions (he regularly contributes to Le Monde), is a photographer who excels in...

Afghanistan, In the name of honour
Story : Andrew Quilty
Working Class Heroes
Story : Olivier Coulange
Peru, the sacred valley of the Incas
Story : Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
Present Tense
Story : Lorenzo Castore

The women's condition remains worrying in Afghanistan. GNO WAW (Women for Afghan Women) offers shelters to victims of domestic violences yet. Inside one of them, Austrlian photographer Andrew Quilty has taken the daily life of these women, injuried in the name of honor. In a discreet house in...


In this set of portraits, Olivier Coulange, who made workers pose head-on and put them in their plants through a double exposure, examines both working class and the ambivalent links that bind the subjects to their work tool. Giving the critical economical situation where fright about recession...


From Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, to the sacred town of Machu Picchu, following the stream of the Urbamba river, Peru offer to its visitors an extraordinary panorama as well as a journey through time. Officially discovered in 1911, the ancient city of Machu Picchu remains a...


This set is distinctively unique in the photographer’s body of work. Lorenzo Castore expresses through Present Tense his sentimental education. Present Tense brings together photographs gleaned over the years, in his travels and daily life. Troubling but furtive, Lorenzo Castore’s work...