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Photographers, where are they ?

News : Claudine Doury

Her project « A Siberian Odyssey », will be Claudine Doury’s return among the native people of the Amour River that she had photographed twenty years ago.

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Luxembourg, life in the Kirchberg
Serie : Yvon Lambert
Idaho, True West
Serie : Anne Rearick
Serie : JR
Photography Workshops
in Paris
Martina Bacigalupo
Méthodologies de pratiques documentaires

“The work of Yvon Lambert on the Kirchberg Plateau is unexpected. First of all because he sometimes shoots the same places in color and in black and white. Secondly because his very personal vision, even if it uses buildings as a frame for the photography, puts humans at the center of the image....


The American West has changed immeasurably since Anne Rearick was born, in the sixties, in Boise, Idaho. The increasing population has spread subdivisions and shopping malls accelerating the commodification, tourism and homogenization of the region. Farmland growing onion, sugar beets, alfalfa and...


JR inaugurated early september a huge scaffolding installation on the Mexican side of the border between the United States and Mexico. The piece is best viewed from the US side of the border. An immense image of Kikito, a one year old boy from the city of Tecate, looks playfully over the infamous...

Les 3, 4 et 5 Novembre 2017 + Le 2 Mars 2018
Martina Bacigalupo, photojournaliste expérimentée ayant notamment travaillé en Afrique abordera avec vous la méthodologie pratique d’un reportage ayant pour ambition une approche à la fois documentée et sensible des personnes photographiées. Pour cela nous verrons...

Make a Wish
Serie : Loulou d'Aki
Edit Beijing
Serie : Guy Tillim
The fighters of the god-monkey
Serie : Bertrand Desprez
Building a Better Coral Reef
Serie : David Maurice Smith

It’s a rainy November morning in Gaza and a truce has just been announced after 8 days of fighting. A young man stands in the rubbles of what is left of his home, destroyed in an air strike just an hour before the war ended. Behind him, a framed picture still hangs crooked on the wall. The...


Born during a artistic residency, the series Edit Beijing is the conclusion of Guy Tillim's wandering throught Beijing's streets and alleys. With this pictures, the South African photographer captures instants from the daylilife before presenting them as dyptichs or triptychs. The photos are...


Kutshi is the name given to the traditional Indian wrestling, nowadays going in Pakistan and in Dubai. The photographer Bertrand Desprez went at the heart of the most ancient Akhara of Bombay dated of 1930 in order to meet the players of a threatened sport. Despite the religious aspect, the...


Des scientifiques s’efforcent de ralentir le dépérissement rapide des coraux marins en reproduisant les individus sains. L’une des conséquences du réchauffement climatique a été la mort, en 2015 et en 2016, de près de la moitié des coraux de la Grande Barrière de Corail en...

In Iraq, Civilians Flee ISIS Threat
Serie : Hiên Lâm Duc
Israel Ariño - La pesanteur du lieu
Interview : Israel Ariño
Nolwenn Brod - La Ritournelle
Interview : Nolwenn Brod
Shanghai Sacred
Serie : Liz Hingley

The town of Hawija, 30 kilometers away from Kurdish capital Kirkuk, is ISIS’ last stronghold in the North of Iraq. As it is soon to endure an assault by governmental, American, Shi’a and Kurdish forces, it is being fled by its Sunni inhabitants. But since they fear persecution by Shi’a...


Israel Ariño talks about his work, his exhibition La pesanteur du lieu and one photograph of Nolwenn Brod from the series La Ritournelle, exhibited at the same time. At Galerie VU', until October 21st, 2017.


Nolwenn Brod talks about her work, her exhibition La Ritournelle and choose one picture of Israel Arino's series La pesanteur du lieu, exhibited at the Galerie VU', until October the 21st, 2017.


Shanghai – the booming Chinese metropolis of 24 million people – is famous for its economic dynamism and architectural daring. At the same time however this international fashion and financial centre is a hub of cultural and religious vitality. Despite “Religions” being officially...

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