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Photographers, where are they ?

Serie by Claudine Doury

Claudine Doury first went in Far Eastern Siberia in 1991 and again in 1997 to witness the lives of native peoples. Traveling along the banks of the Amur River, she passed through the villages of Nergen, Bulava, Ush Gur, and Bogorodskoye.

Twenty years later, she returned to the region to find the Nanaimo, Ultche, and Nivkh families she had met on her previous trips. In this way, she wanted to testify to the passage of time on these families photographed at that time, but also to the mutations...

Amazon, conquering India
Serie : Mahesh Shantaram
Carnet de route à Ispahan
Isabelle Eshraghi
Book : Mahesh Shantaram
Photography Workshops
in Cap Ferret
Claudine Doury
Résidence photographique, trouver une approche personnelle d’un territoire : entre réel et imaginaire

With its steady growth and 1.3 billion people, making it the second most populated country in the world, India is the next significant location for Amazon to establish itself. It would represent a market worth a trillion dollars. According to US CEO Jeff Bezos, India will be Amazon's second largest...


Un mois après l’annonce par l’administration Trump des sanctions contre l’Iran, la photographe franco-iranienne Isabelle Eshraghi est retournée à Ispahan, sa ville natale, poumon économique de l’Iran. La photographe observe le quotidien des Ispahanais en plein désarroi après les sanctions...

Mahesh Shantaram explores the problematic underpinnings of Indian weddings All that is great about a country and all that is wrong with it can be summarised by a single wedding, says Indian photographer Mahesh Shantaram and member of Agence VU. In his documentary work, he mostly studies the...

Du 10 au 17 mars 2019

Momentum, la mécanique de l\'épreuve
From 2018-11-07 to 2019-02-10
Exhibition : JR
The last Americans fighting in Afghanistan
Serie : Andrew Quilty
Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
From 2018-11-17 to 2019-01-19
Exhibition : Juan Manuel Castro Prieto
Pigalle People. 1978–1979
Book : Jane Evelyn Atwood

« Momentum, la mécanique de l’épreuve » est la première grande exposition de JR au sein d’une institution française. Elle rassemble notamment les premières photographies de l’artiste, des collages de format monumental de ses plus grands projets, et plusieurs installations inédites. Travaillant à...


In April and July 2018, Andrew Quilty accompanied the US Special Forces Operational Detachment. He had an exceptional access at the front lines in Afghanistan, where is one of the last American units still in active combat, 17 years after the war began. When Andrew Quilty met the 12 men of the...


Juan Manuel Castro Prieto a construit au cours de ses quarante années de carrière une œuvre d\'une infinie richesse. Par sa maîtrise du tirage et de la prise de vue, notamment à la chambre, jouant avec subtilité de la lumière et du flou comme du noir et blanc ou de la couleur, il met en œuvre sa...

It is 1978 in Pigalle. Jane Evelyn Atwood, a young American, has been in Paris for a few years. She’s just completed her very first photo story about the prostitutes in town, in which she asserts from the beginning what will remain the fundamentals of her practice: long-term involvement, immersion,...

El Cartucho
Book : Stanislas Guigui
Book : François Fontaine
Guns in America
On Prostitution, Paris 1976-1979
From 2019-01-25 to 2019-04-21
Exhibition : Jane Evelyn Atwood

Stanislas Guigui dépeint en texte et en photos la vie au quotidien à l’intérieur d’El Cartucho, ce ghetto de Bogota, en plein centre ville, à deux blocs du palais présidentiel, quartier aujourd’hui détruit où il a vécu pendant plus de 3 ans : combats au couteau, gangs, trafics, gosses des rues,...

Avec la série Icônes, accompagnée d’un texte de Nina Bouraoui, François Fontaine poursuit son exploration du 7e art au moyen de la photographie. Cette série de portraits en couleurs de grandes stars féminines et masculines, réinterprétation picturale d’une scène de cinéma, a été réalisée à partir...


A TIME AND JR PROJECT. 325 million people. More than 265 million guns. 35,000 deaths a year. And one 227-year-old constitutional right. To tell this uniquely American story, TIME partnered with JR, the artist and photographer known in part for his murals around the world that portray...


This is how it started, in 1976, without any experience and preconceived ideas. She wanted to know who those men, women and transsexuals selling their bodies and that she rubbed shoulders with on the sidewalks of the capital city were. It had been only a few years that Jane Evelyn Atwood, not a...

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