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Agence VU - Aniu

Born in 1969 in Guangdong, China. Lives in Shenzhen.

Outside his professional activities, Aniu undertakes unique personal projects. For example, every morning when he wakes up he takes a black and white self portrait. This exercise has resulted in a large mural, a direct accumulation traced with humour - a dozen empty spaces serve as a reminder of the mornings when he forgot his exercise.

But Aniu mainly focuses on studies of colour and the city. With the aid of digital manipulation, the poetry of his contemporary urban landscape is perceived as huge and burdening. His mission is not to document the city but rather provoke feelings, sometimes contradictory, facing his experiences with the spaces in which he finds himself.

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China, Paracel Islands (2011)

Xisha Qundao, the international community named The Paracel Islands, located in the South China Sea from more than 180 nautical miles to the South East of Hainan Island, belong to the Hainan Province. The East side of Paracel Islands is Xuande Islands, mainly include Yongxin Island, Shi island, Zhao island , etc. In 1997, the Chinese Government opened the paracel islands to public. Due to the Paracel Islands is far away from mainland China, the only vehicle to the Islands is supply ships which makes a difficult trip. In addition, tourists to the Paracel Islands must be approved by the designated government departments.

Stay, China Earthquake (2008)

June 30th , it had been 48 days since the fierce earthquake happened. It is such a beautiful place here, the river flows and the high mountains tower over the landscape. But now, to see all this once more, I must shield my eyes with a cornstalk leaf to mask the destroyed homes and collapsed factories marring this land. Or maybe it would more appropriate to go back before the earthquake, before people built these house and factories. The Longmen Mountain is vast and covers much of the landscape in this region, once one of the nicest in Sichuan Province. I can't remember when it was this region started bustling with activity. They erected large chemical plants and paved the ground with...

So far so close, Shenzen (2004)

Aniu's work questions the place of human beings in cities in movement, marked by a rapid and chaotic development, where the individual is marginalized among large groups, lost admist his vast avenues and intersections. Inspired by the reality of these anonymous and sprawling cities, he offers a poetic and dreamlike vision, despite a sprawling architecture.

Time of fantasy, China (2001)

Shenzhen opens the way from China to Kowloon, the continental part of Hong-Kong. It is above all a very important hub between Nationalist China, that still defines itself as communist, and this megalopolis of over 6 millions inhabitants, linking South-East Asia to the western world. But Shenzhen is also the home of photographer Aniu, the place where he spends time, wanders, and builds a poetic vision of the urban contemporary landscape.


Times of fantasy

In this series of work Aniu enlarged the urban characteristics of "sport, mobility, and ceaselessness", presented them repeatedly and calmy, exposed the inorganic, clod and rude of the city and made the center of the city become empty "scenery".
Guo Xiao Yan
Text by: Guo Xiao Yan

Publisher: Timezone 8 Limited (2007)
52 pages
Size: 21x29 cm
ISBN :988-9961725   

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