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Lorenzo Castore

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Born in Florence in 1973, Lorenzo Castore studied photography in Rome after returning from a stay in New York. He won the Mario Giacomelli Price in 2003 and the Leica European Publisher Award in 2005. In addition to published two books, "Nero" and "Paradiso," Castore's works are exhibited in Rome, Milan, Crocovia and Paris.

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Present Tense (2015)

This set is distinctively unique in the photographer’s body of work. Lorenzo Castore expresses through Present Tense his sentimental education. Present Tense brings together photographs gleaned over the years, in his travels and daily life. Troubling but furtive, Lorenzo Castore’s work recall more than what they describe. And, if at first, they compose a patchwork of feelings – beyond the spread of time and the bursting of the subjects – they condense all in one emotional intensity, which becomes more than convulsive. Indeed, throughout this corpus, Lorenzo Castore transcends any objective apprehension of reality – his photographs overcome it way more than they adhere to it...

Sogno #5 (2013)

There is a ghost town within the city of Naples. Almost thirty years after its official 1983 closure, the Leonardo Bianchi Psychiatric Hospital remains perched with its immense mass right in the hearth of the city. 220.000 square meters of pavilions, corridors and rooms that from 1897 to 2000, when the last patient was dismissed, have turned into the locus of stories relating to largest mental hospital in the South of Italy. Today the Hospital, totally unused, stands as a huge repository of past remembrances, closed to the public and unknown to the inhabitants of the city. To construct a not purely documentary testimony of it, we asked a theatre group composed of psychiatric patients to...

Last Domicile (2011)

With his serie « Last Domicile », Lorenzo Castore takes us off towards in a personal search of idendity and also collective. Through these houses, reflection of differents past and present occupiers , he tells about a personnal story of accumulated memories and some references which cross themselves , start resonating and finally , join these differents universes.

Bose's monastery, Italy (2008)

The religious community of Bose is born on December, 8th 1965, the day of closing of the Vatican II council, when Enzo Bianchi decides to live, alone, in a rented house of the village of Bose. First monks joined him three years later: among them, a woman and a pastor. Today, they are 80 people, men, and women. This series is about the second monastery that they opened a few years ago in the south of Italy, in the region of Puglia. The closest towns are Ostuni and Brindisi. The monastery is much smaller. Just five monks live there: Daniele, Domenico, Dario, Andrea and Raffaele. They pray, take care of hundreds of olive trees and a garden that provides almost every sort of vegetables and...

On going project...Europe (2008)

The ground under your feet is a project started in 1999 and still in progress. Its own subject is my life, ourselves, Europe. With this work I try to photograph the history of Europe in my lifetime, my personal history and the one anybody can recognize as his own, the past and the present, trying to show memory from an emotional point of view ; I want to represent through my experience, and the encounters that came out of it, the most different pushes which anybody, in a different percentage, can find in his own heart. This struggle among the most contrasting inner impetus, and the capability of dealing with or at facing them, is what most characterizes anybody's personal history...

Bosnia, all is calm (2008)

Could a place be able to tell something? Could a past suspended come back to life when the sunlight alights once again on its spaces? Is it possible to talk about war without necessarily showing evident and bloody dramas? Two homes tell their stories: that one of their lives, the other of a war leaving them alone, and yet miraculously intact, and yet safe from vandals and jackals; and the one of the last 16 years, during which time stopped, and nobody came to settle. It’s necessary to get in on tiptoe, not to disturb that feeling of quiet and immobility, not to lift too much dust settled on furniture and memories, covering everything with the patina of a time that is gone and won’t...

No Peace Without War, Poland (2008)

No Peace Without War is about Ewa and Piotr, a brother and a sister who, ever since their father died, have been living together in a two-room apartment in Krakow, Poland, in the same street where I have lived for six years. Ewa and Piotr are in their sixties now. They come from a well-off family and they have lived an eccentric party life. They are sophisticated and very special people. They lost everything and apparently they didn’t do anything to stop this decay. Now they live in a stinky but, in a way, tasteful apartment and despite their tragic, surreal situation they still can be light about their destiny and choices and smart and sharp as knife in their considerations about...

Paradiso / Havana, Cuba (2001)

This work has been mainly realised in Havana. Photographs are not meant to explain anything. Fragments from a real well as unreal world; the quest for a metaphysical mood, able to remove its images from the present. Everything has been shot, and since Havana has been the subject of several pictures, I then undertook this project with stronger enthusiasm; the city provides the scenery, yet it is not the main character. And, beside that, I think Havana is much more secret and mysterious than the standard idea everybody has made of old cars, cigars and Che Guevara images. The project goes under the title of “Paradiso”, like one of the most important novels of the Cuban literature,...


Ultimo Domicilio

En décrivant ces maisons, Castore dépeint aussi leurs habitants, mais ce qui semble finalement à sortir de la dentelle, est un autoportrait de l'auteur lui-même à la recherche de son passé et de l'avenir identity. Par une sorte de processus de la photosynthèse, les nombreux symboles et les littéraires et artistiques references - émotionnels - semblent représenter un portrait de famille définitif, la maison ultime de choix.
Recherche petite presque proustien de Castore, est articulée en sept un chapters - pour chaque maison.
Sept, comme les mystères, comme les cieux et les mers anciennes. Protégé par ce nombre magique, nous nous aventurons à la recherche de l'équilibre parfait, du paradis perdu, l'archétype de la maison idéale: un lieu où la poésie plane au-dessus de tout, où nous pouvons mettre ensemble les morceaux d'un puzzle, déballer une valise et de l'ordre une collection de muses, des héros et divinités protectrice.
Laura Serani
Text by: Laura Serani

Publisher: L’Artiere (2015)
106 pages
Size: 24,5x30,5  


La couleur, à Cuba ou au Mexique, est une évidente tentation, une séduction. Il est donc difficile d'en dépasser le charme. En fait, la couleur est, dans ces endroits, un piège qui pousse le photographe vers la joliesse.
Lorenzo Castore ne s'est pas laissé prendre au piège. Comme son projet était de saisir une ambiance, de caresser le temps, de scruter visages et émotions, gestes et corps dans le sentiment du délitement de la ville fragilisée, il n'a pas abordé la couleur sous l'angle de la séduction mais en a fait la matière de son propos.
Christian Caujolle
Text by: Laurence Caillieret

Publisher: Actes Sud (2005)
106 pages
Size: 31x22 cm  


"Nero" nasce da un progetto sulla memoria realizzato nel Sulcis, area della Sardegna sud-occidentale che ha conosciuto un importante sviluppo alla fine degli anni Trenta con la fondazione della città di Carbonia. Lo sforzo di questo lavoro, realizzato tra maggio e ottobre 2003, consiste nell'interpretare la memoria, immaginarla, e restituirla come qualcosa che nasce dallo scorrere del tempo ma che poi su di esso si eleva.
Text by: Marcello Fois, Giorgio Todde, Flavio Soriga, Luciano Marroccu et Giulio Angioni

Publisher: Frederico Motta (2004)
112 pages  


    2005 - European Publishers Award


Present Tense (Paris)
From 2015-01-30 to 2015-03-07

Present Tense occupe une place à part dans l’œuvre du photographe. Lorenzo Castore dit de cette série qu’elle est son éducation sentimentale. Avec Paradiso et Nero, il explorait La Havane et les mines de Sardaigne. Si ces photographies confinaient bien plus à des séries de visions — exprimant une perception sensible à l’excès et une empathie manifeste — qu’à des chroniques photographiques, le sujet y surgissait comme une évidence. Ici, on ne peut le définir ou le circonscrire. Pas d’unite? de lieu, de temps ou d’action. Present Tense rassemble des...

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Poland 1999-2013 (Rome)
From 2013-06-18 to 2013-07-30

« Polonia 1999-2013 » is a collection of photographs, taken by Lorenzo Castore during several trips to Poland. Through these photographs, a personal story of this country arises, a country which has become a second home for the artist. “ At first, I wanted to become a photographer with both clear and confused ideas. And my first professional experience took place in Kosovo, in 1999. It was hard, painful and frustrating. From that moment onwards, I decided to never go in a place to capture events or anything that is to do with the instant, before learning more about myself and about...

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No peace without war (Bienne )
From 2010-06-20 to 2010-08-15

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Erratic Shelter (Toulouse)
From 2010-04-29 to 2010-05-24

« C'est un projet que j'ai commencé; en 1999. C'est le sujet de ma vie, nous-mêmes, l'Europe. A travers ce travail, j'ai voulu photographier l'histoire contemporaine de l'Europe, mon histoire personnelle et celle que tout le monde peut reconnaître comme étant la sienne, le passé9; et le présent, en essayant de montrer la mémoire d'un point de vue émotionnel. A travers mon expérience et mes rencontres, je veux représenter ce qui motive chacun au fond de lui-même. Cette intention parmi ces élans contradictoires, la capacité; de les traiter ou de les affronter, est ce qui...

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Seratonin (JB Groningen)
From 2009-09-06 to 2009-10-04

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From 0000-00-00 to 0000-00-00

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