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Agence VU - Jean François Campos
Jean François Campos

Jean-François Campos started to photograph in 1988 on a trip to Berlin. He went on his story in 1989, during the fall of the wall. this work is exhibited in a show named "Berlin, open heart" at the FNAC in 1990.
The very same year, he won the Angénieux Foundation Prize and the Mediterranean Europe young creators biennale.
In 1992, he started a permanent collaboration with the paper Libération that went on until 1996. he portrayed Jacques Chirac during the seven-month presidential campaign.
He joined Agence Vu in July 1995 whe he covered Avignon Theatre festival.

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Edouard Balladur's campaign (1993-1995) (2011)

Doubts about the financing of Edouard Balladur’s campaign in 1995 are getting stronger every day. Jean-François Campos shot this election period, when the then Prime Minister launched his campaign for the French Presidence with his inner circle, on a background of internecine quarrels with his long time friend, Jacques Chirac.

After the rain... (1997)

The possibilities are so often endless. To cut into, to slice up reality, to organize. To behave like a journalist, to write poetry. To be serious, take yourself seriously, be witty, be mocking. To write news reports is most definitely a hazardous exercise. I did it for five years, from 1991 to 1996 when I was working for the newspaper Libération. It didn’t take me long to realize I was a “really dreadful journalist”. When I was at work my mind was frequently on other things. Actually It’s the same with my private life. I’de be sitting,right in the middle of a river, while all around me the news was flowing past. I’ve always loathed photographic demonstration, statements: I’ve hade to make...

Jacques Chirac : the presidential election campaign (1995)

This story was an assignement for Liberation newspaper. The photographer follows the seven-month election campaign of the future French president. Political story then... And Jean-François Campos keeps his role: his pictures bear his aesthetical and thus the author's political. We see Jacques Chirac launching his campaign as an outsider, find himself alone after many betrayals and then comes back on stage.


Après la pluie...

The news, I saw it, but I was never really there. From the politics of Chirac the candidate to those of him next door ; strikes, workers they all exist I know, but I don't really remember...
In the end I was in a private space, and it is the memory, more personal than real, of this space that I share with you here: for I was here and elsewhere.
Jean-François Campos
Text by: Jean Rouaud

Publisher: Actes Sud (1997)
112 pages
ISBN :2-7427-1418-9   

Je ne vois pas ce qu'on me trouve

Scénario et photographies autour du film.
Text by: Christian Caujolle, Christian Vincent

Publisher: Actes Sud (1997)
168 pages
ISBN :2-7427-1597-5   

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