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Roger Ballen (Paris)
From 2013-05-24 to 2013-07-06

"Mes photographies ne sont que des aspects, des segments de la réalité. Des réalités méconnues et parfois difficiles à exprimer. C’est ma réalité, oubliez le sujet." Roger Ballen L’œuvre de l’Américain Roger Ballen (New York, 1950) ne s’appréhende pas avec aisance, tant elle n’a jamais donné prise aux moindres effets de séduction. N’appartenant à aucun genre photographique précis, bien qu’habitée d’une indiscutable force documentaire et sociale, elle est devenue, au fil du temps, incontestable tout en ne cessant de gagner en complexité. L’Afrique du Sud...

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Outland (Sète)
From 2013-05-08 to 2013-05-26

In the “Outland” series (1995 – 2000), Roger Ballen focused on white, marginalized populations around Johannesburg in South Africa. Gradually resisting the codes of classic documentary photography used in his previous series, he tackled an original approach in the construction of these images. This new orientation marked a major transformation in Ballen’s creative process, in which reality and fiction combine. In “Outland” – which means “at the margins of society” or “at the limitations of the psyche” - Ballen integrated the theatricality of certain situations in the...

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Retrospektive (Vienne)
From 2013-02-22 to 2013-04-28

Retrospective since 1969 to 2010

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Documentary Fiction - 1982-2012 (Tel Aviv)
From 2012-11-09 to 2013-03-31

An exhibition of about 40 photographs by Roger Ballen (b. New York, 1950; lives in South Africa), whose work is internationally acclaimed for its harsh directness in documenting marginal characters in rural areas and in poor Johannesburg suburbs. In recent years, Ballen's idiosyncratic style has become a kind of fictitious documentation of disturbing psychodramas combining reality and hallucination.

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Shadow Land (Saint-Petersburg)
From 2012-11-01 to 2012-12-19

This retrospective presented at ROSPHOTO covers three decades of work from his early series, Dorps and the highly charged and controversial series’ Platteland, Outland, Shadow Chamber and Boarding House through to unseen new work from the series, Asylum.

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Transfiguraçoes, fotografias 1968-2012 (Rio de Janeiro)
From 2012-10-03 to 2012-12-15

Retrospective since 1968 to 2012

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