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Adrien Selbert

Adrien Selbert is a French photographer, movie director and video editor. He joined VU' in 2017.

He won the Maison Blanche prize of Contemporary photography in Marseille, The international New forms awards and 2nd Prize Fisheye of Les Rencontres d'Arles.
His work was shown in San Francisco, Saguenay (Canada), Bologne, Moscow, Paris or Belfast.

His book Srebrenica, from night to night, with a post-face by R. Cohen from The New York Times is published by Le Bec en l'air.

He regularly works in France and in Balkans, notably on the post-war situation in Bosnia.

He has directed several documentaries like "Nino's Place", awarded of Best Grand Reportage in Geneve film festival. He also works as a video scenographer for theatre and gives workshops about education in the visual image, notably to children and young people in need.

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Paris, « Yellow Vests » protests, “act IV” (2018)

On December 8, the fourth consecutive Saturday of the yellow vests movement took place in Paris and showed the extent to which the protests are growing. New gatherings and confrontations between demonstrators and police forces have stirred up the capital. After the damage and violence of the previous week, the Ministry of the Interior had deployed 8,000 police officers, doubling their strength. This unusual measure resulted in the arrest of approximately 1,000 people, just over 900 of whom were taken into police custody.

Fashion Week de Paris (2018)

During Paris Fashion Week, Adrien Selbert followed the fashion shows of Dior, Lacoste, Dries Van Noten and Saint Laurent for the autumn-winter 2018/19 ready-to-wear collections. Between collages, transparencies and superimpositions, Adrien Selbert recomposes his pictures for Libération.

Like a muslim in New York (2017)

August 2016. France is entangled in the Burkini controversy. An incomprehensible polemic on the other side of the Atlantic. On 13 August, an imam and his assistant were shot dead by a man in a street in Ozone Park in Queens. I'm in New York and decide to go there. I began to photograph the different districts of the city where New Yorkers of Muslim faith lived. This is the beginning of a long-term project aimed at documenting American-style Islam in the heart of the big apple.

Belgrade, Year Zero 17 (2017)

The cold snap which sweeps across Western Europe these days has been pounding the East since several weeks. It particularly threatens the migrants trying to get to the countries within the Schengen area. Adrien Selbert went to Belgrade where a thousand migrants try to survive in an abandoned factory behind the train station of the capital city of Serbia. By minus 20°C, huddling together to warm up, and only having simple blankets and wood fire, the conditions of living are way below the dignity line. While the Balkan route is closed since March 2016, some of them still try to go to Hungary from Serbia and are violently pushed back. The Hungarian government has decided to fortify the...

Srebrenica, from night to night (2015)

On July 11 1995, the town of Srebrenica (Bosnia) fell into the hands of the Serbian army. The former spa town became the scene of the worst massacre in Europe since World War II. 20 years later, the city commemorates the tragedy and still buries its dead. A new generation has emerged. She has the genocide’s age.


Srebrenica, nuit à nuit

On 9th July 1995, the Serbian army attacked Srebrenica’s Muslim ghetto. Nearly 8,000 people were massacred in three days. In Bosnia, and in the rest of the world, the former spa town becomes the symbol of former Yugoslavia's barbarity. Twenty years after what remains the greatest slaughter in Europe after the Second World War, the city’s history seems frozen in obscurity. A new generation, however, is travelling its ruins and learning as much as it can from its consequences.
This series of photographs by Adrien Selvert, annotated with text by New York Times journalist Roger Cohen, has won numerous awards including the Prix Maison Blanche 2015.
Text by: Roger Cohen

Publisher: Le Bec en l'air (2016)
88 pages
Size: 19 x 25 cm
ISBN :978-2-36744-091-0   


    2015 - Grant Winner of Emerging Talent Awards LensCulture

    2015 - Prix Maison Blanche of Contemporary Photography

    2015 - Prix International des Nouvelles Ecritures

    2015 - Special Mention of the Moscow International Foto Awards, in the category "documentary"

    2015 - Jury Prize MENTOR Freelens / SCAM Session #1

    2015 - 2nd Prize "Fisheye" of the Rencontres d'Arles


Srebrenica, nuit à nuit (Nyon)
From 2017-04-23 to 2017-06-11

SREBRENICA, LA BELLE, LA PAISIBLE. Convoitée dans la Yougoslavie de Tito pour ses sources thermales et la qualité de son air, Srebrenica a longtemps prospéré sur ses mines qui donnèrent à la cité son nom : la ville d’argent.Après l’épisode macabre de la guerre, l’argent s’est remis à couler dans la ville. Mais les sources thermales, elles, n’ont jamais rouvert.Devenue le symbole de la barbarie serbe comme de l’inanité de l’ONU à arrêter un génocide dans une zone dite « protégée », la ville a vécu pendant 20 ans sous généreuses perfusions des ONG. L’aide internationale a notamment permis...

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