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Agence VU - Magali Lambert
Magali Lambert

Magali Lambert is a French artist, born in 1982, based in Paris

Graduate of l’École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2006, Magali Lambert sees in photography an opportunity to hod what tends to disappear by staging vestiges and relics. 

She collects and ritualizes abandoned materials saved from dumpster or oblivion. Her rites consist of collisions, images and words: « the worn forms become objects expanding history(ies). Riddles. All are fragile, all carry in them the preciosity and the precariousness of living ».

« As a baudelairian ragman-poet, Magali Lambert scrutinizes remains of our civilization. She chases objects, vestiges and skeletons, marries them in a beautiful shape, photographs them as newlyweds, then pins the picture in a box of those made for butterflies or remarkable insects. »  (Michel Poivert, Preface of "Histoires naturelles", 2013)

Named member resident of the Casa de Velasquez, French academy in Madrid for year 2012-2013,  her works are frequently exhibited worldwide and notably at Lianzhou photography festival (China), Montrouge contemporary art fair (France), or in art capitals such as New-York, Madrid, Paris, Marseille, Porto, and Brussels.

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Disappeared birds (2017)

The Museum of the Château de Dourdan gave me an assignment to interpret and highlight their collections: the ones exhibited in the rooms of the museum, and the ones of naturalized birds hidden for years in the reserves. As they are staged and photographed in situ, the stuffed animals disappear to be confused with the decor of the museum. Beyond the playful aspect of the exhibition, the images mix several essential themes that are dear to the artist: still-life, representation of absence, second and third dimensions, living and dying that coexist in the tradition of Vanitas.

You are a Wonder (Belgian collection) (2017)

You are a Wonder (French collection) (2015)

You are a Wonder (Spanish collection) (2015)

The one that tells the shadow (2015)

During the year 2014-2015, I stayed many times in the Center of France. I followed hunters and farmers. When they had to kill an animal (game hunting or pest from farm yards) I did it a portrait. The life still resides in eye. That’s the passage of the life in the death that I had photographed here.

Portraits #1 (2014)

Within few weeks, several people brought me old stuffed animals in the studio. They didn’t want it anymore. They were very nicked. I did portraits of the 11 object-animals. After the print of the portrait on glossy photographic paper, I have etched other hybrid forms on the dried emulsion.

Massacres (2014)

I went in forest to photography the absence of animals. The silence and the ghosts. When I sunk into the hollow of trees, I came face-to-face with a deer and a stag that didn’t run away. We stayed together for couples of hours. I have made print these photographs on glossy paper, and then I have etched the dried emulsion.


Venus du jamais mort (Paris)
From 2018-09-14 to 2018-10-27

Magali Lambert brings the missings back to life. Demiurge of a whimsical and poetic universe, she exhumes and pulls from oblivion neglected objects to breathe life into them through the encounters she provokes. With her series of Wonders (Spain, Belgium, France) inspired by curiosity cabinets, she conspires improbable machinery, buffoons, beautiful or nightmarish. Yet it is not precious goods that she accumulates here, but ordinary objects, natural or industrial, found in flea markets, in the street or saved from garbage. Collector, she welcomes them, assembles them then photographs these...

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