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Agence VU - Adriana Lestido
Adriana Lestido

Born in Buenos Aires in 1955.

Adriana Lestido can only think of photography as a companion of life, going hand in hand with her societal criticisms and her role of being a woman in a "machista" country. At a slow pace, she organizes her projects to pose deep questions to her surroundings.

Whether it's the condition of women in prison or the relationship between a mother and a daughter, her interrogations of daily life reveal reality and charge photography as an instrument of analysis.

In black and white and a real humility for her subjects, she believes in the necessity of a documentary photography rooted in the present. Driven to develop analyses with a social dimension, she ponders the state of the global world through these issues. With a rare visual simplicity, she states the wounds and difficulties of a universe broken down by her attentive and peaceful pace.

Her works have been published: Mujeres presas (2001, 2007), Madres e hijas (2003), Interior (2010), Obra (2011), Lo Que Se Ve (anthology, 2012); and exhibited in Spain (PhotoEspaña Festival in 2010), Argentina (National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires) and France (Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain as part of the exhibition “América Latina 1960-2013”).

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Antártida (2014)

"Everyone is alone at the heart of the earth, pierced by a ray of sunshine; and suddenly it’s evening." Salvatore Quasimodo, in “Acque e terre”, 1930 As soon as she was selected for an artist residency from February to March 2012 in Antarctic, Adriana Lestido took it to heart and went to one end of the earth. She travelled from the navy base of Deception Island to the Argentine Antarctic base of Camara via the Beagle Channel. She even passed the Drake Passage at the end. Purity, bleakness and bareness that affect these landscapes are parts of the vastness of a Nature relating to Life and Death. Soundless lights, auroras and odd nightfalls generate to Adriana Lestido a mystic...

Mexico (2011)

Santuario de historias Caricia de vientos Follaje que acuna Nuestro amor y trinos Recorrido de ardilla Senderos de hormiga Sumarán tiempo en círculos concéntricos La sierra nos abrió espacios de grandeza Tomamos café junto al fuego Y bajamos al bosque encantado Cacería de luz matutina Escarcha como alfombra de luz Memoria de un galope A golpe de machete fluye la sangre la sangre blanca Ritualidad y cielo 8 años para volver a infringir la herida sagrada Maraña de luz Hoja espejo Hoja filtro Hoja tamiz Nervadura Esqueleto Ferocidad y selva Otro tiempo Otra luz Santuario Eternidad Y al final Pasa un hombre con el infinito al hombro. By Patricia Mendoza

Love (2005)

Love is a diffuse, deep, and terribly personal feeling. Far from being a universal feeling, we find back ourselves alone with our questionings. To share it, we miss words sometimes. Remain pictures to explain what we are feeling. This pictures series is an essay on this feeling, which brings us closer to the other...making us alone.

Argentina - Mothers and Daughters (Madres e Hijas) (1999)

Difficult loves (Mothers and daughters) By Marta Dillon In Mother and daugthers photographer Adriana Lestido is searching her own traces in the features she captures, which are drawn for all women: repeated gestures that make only mothers out of us, only daughters, women born of a woman who expels us: love and helplessness.Alter two series on motherhood at risk –Tenn-age mothers adn Women jailed- Lestido is not afraid of looking at this bond without any distraction. For three years she photographed four mothers at their most intimate activities, women who are walking the path of life together, wothout any men in their family. Adriana watches mothers with a daughter´s eye. She cooses the...

Argentina - Women in Jail (Mujeres Presas) (1993)

The prison life is, in collective imaginary, an environment deeply masculin, virile, and even chauvinist. Yet, many women are imprisoned in the world. How do they conciliate their confinement and their woman, mother, and wife’s life? Adriana Lestido documents this taboo issue and submerges us in a little-known environment.


Lo Que Se Ve

Lo Que Se Ve, o lo que Adriana Lestido ha visto a través de su cámara durante más de 30 años de trabajo.

Este libro antológico es un recorrido vital en 152 fotografías que abarcan los grandes temas de la obra de Lestido, como las madres y las hijas, las mujeres presas, las madres adolescentes, los niños del hospital Infanto-Juvenil y sus últimas series, El amor y Villa Gesell. Las imágenes están hilvanadas por citas de Sara Gallardo, John Berger, Alejandra Pizarnik, Clarice Lispector, Carl Jung, Raymond Carver y Pedro Salinas. Y dos textos finales de Marta Dillon y María de los Ángeles González que hablan sobre la belleza, la esperanza y la profundidad de su estética.

Publisher: Capital Intelectual (2013)
296 pages
Size: 28x25 cm
ISBN :9876143794   

La Obra

Publisher: Capital Intelectual (2010)
120 pages
Size: 28x25cm
ISBN :9876143174   


Publisher: Capital Intelectual (2010)
136 pages
Size: 28x25cm
ISBN :9876142607   

Madres e Hijas

Publisher: La Azotea Editorial (2003)
184 pages
Size: 22x30cm
ISBN :9509536261   

Mujeres Presas

Publisher: Colección Fotógrafos Argentinos (2001)
48 pages
Size: 23x19cm


    2010 - Distinguished Personality of the Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

    2010 - Bicentenary Medal, Buenos Aires

    2009 - Honour Prize of the Visual Arts National Fair in Buenos Aires

    2009 - Life Achievement Award, Argentine Art Critics Asociation

    2007 - Subsidy for creation. Metropolitan Funding for the Arts. Buenos Aires

    2003 - John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, subsidy for the publication (USA)

    2002 - Konex Prize (Argentina)

    1998 - Leonardo Prize. National Museum of Fine Arts (Argentina)

    1997 - Mother Jones Prize (San Francisco, USA)

    1995 - John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship (USA)

    1991 - Hasselblad Fellowship (Gotenburg, Sweden)

    1988 - La Nación Newspaper, First prize (Argentina)

    1983 - Human Rights First Prize, APDH (Argentina)


What Can Be Seen / Retrospective (Johannesburg )
From 2014-07-01 to 2014-07-31

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Lo Que Se Ve (New York City, NY)
From 2014-05-08 to 2014-05-29

The exhibition \"Lo Que Se Ve\" traces the photographic work of Adriana Lestido for over thirty years. This retrospective exhibition is also an opportunity of an eponymous book containing 152 photographs representing the main themes of the work of the photographer : \"Madres e Hijas\", \"Mujeres Presas,\"Madres Teen\", \"Hospital Infanto Jovenil\" and more recently \"El Amor\" and \"Villa Gesell\". These series are not only images of reality, but are really constructions of meaning which constitute a photographic narration putting forward a voluntary commitment and defined around themes,...

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Hard Love (Madrid)
From 2010-06-10 to 2010-08-29

Adriana Lestido is a key figure in contemporary Argentinean photography. Her work, predominantly in black and white, is inspired by the classical documentary style. On the occasion of the 13th edition of PHotoEspana, International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts, a retrospective is dedicated to her, gathering more than 150 photos realized between 1979 and 2007.

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Lo Que Se Ve (Buenos Aires)
From 2009-07-31 to 2009-08-30

The exhibition designed by Gabriel Diez Juan Travnik draw the chronological of Adriana Lestido through 162 of his photographs. These series are not only images of reality, but are really constructions of meaning which constitute a photographic narration putting forward a voluntary commitment and defined around themes, subjects and situations that the artist is trying to make us consider. She wants to develop problematics that could only be understood with a social dimension. She wonders about the state of the global world around particular cases. She says with a rare visual simplicity, the...

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