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Agence VU - Vincent Migeat
Vincent Migeat

Born in 1965 in Valence.

Vincent Migeat began taking photographs at age 13. In 1987, he studied in the photographic image department at the Université de Paris VIII and then undertook an internship at Magnum, where later worked three years as a photo researcher.

After a brief stay with Agence Odyssey, he began in 1992 with the weekly photo service for the Nouvel Observateur, where he continues to work today. At the same time he developed his personal career and became published in the press. He joined Agence VU in 1993. Through themes such as family life, youth , night, and transportation, he has photographed the northern banlieue of Paris. He has travelled throughout Israel, the Far East, and Europe, and between 1995 and 2002, he has worked extensively in Corsica to publish his book , « C’est encore loin la mer » (postface by Christian Caujolle and edited by Actes-Sud). Between 2002 and 2009, he worked on a new project focusing on an immigrated Algerian family and undertook an account of their collective memories. Actes-Sud published this book in January 2010.

Regarding his work, Migeat wrote in « Fille de temps », «I am a photographer and a photo researcher ; a photographer by passion, and a photo researched by reason. Photography for me represents freedom, or rather the exercise of freedom. Through it, I can mobilise my outlook throughout the world and freely choose to sample a scene. I understand that this is a luxury. »

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Childhood (2007)

Childhood, 2007 This entire story begins with a little framed picture, which was at my wife parents’ home. This picture was put down on an old secretaire, and one day I tend to photograph it. When I examined it more precisely, I discover a strange thing... The seventh birthday It’s a small family picture, pretty common actually, like the ones we often see in every family album or the ones in a good place on the home chimney. It was a portrait. There were the father, the mother and the two sons. Everybody was dressed to kill, it was an important day, a birthday. This photograph is meaningless in its composition and yet exceptional. With a closer look, when approaching, when...

Notebooks (2006)

A state of mind. A way to travel too. Walking this strange little black box in our steps and feeding it with light. It’s the road notebook, Moleskine, this little nothing, in which we write everything: our observations, seated on a low wall, against a tree, or back to a wall. Words are scribbled fatly, no work on the sentence, just sketched. Picture-Words. We need to go fast, not losing anything. Everything will be organized later, once we’re back. Photographic notebooks observe the same rules. Its a matter of taking hold of, sometimes by guesswork, moments, scenes, places, with the idea of doing something with it, but later. The notebook has no terms of reference. It’s the anti-story. The...

Corsica (2006)

The Corsica I have in memory is not on the front page of the news. It takes roots somewhere at the end of the 1960s, at 20 kilometres North of Ajaccio, in the Cinarca region where my family comes from. Burning, sunny, cuttlefish, sand, shellfish, agave, and eucalyptus, summer rain, glassy sea. A Corsica of elements. Yet, there are less pictures of the land than pieces of childhood memories, lost sensations, found again with photography.


31, rue de la République

Ce récit autobiographique, illustré de photographies, raconte l’enfance d’un français né en région parisienne, de parents maghrébins, et évoque son parcours, sa famille, son rapport aux origines, la réappropriation et l’acceptation de son identité riche et multiple.

La vision qu’il livre remet en cause nombre d’a priori et de clichés trop souvent véhiculés à propos de l’immigration et des banlieues.

Cet ouvrage est aussi l’histoire d’une amitié : le coauteur, Vincent Migeat, accompagne Abderrhamane Boufraïne de son regard de photographe et de notes personnelles en marge de ses photographies.
Un voyage en Algérie, sur les traces du père, est également l’occasion d’une réflexion sur l’histoire, sur les héritages, sur l’identité.

En librairie le 21 janvier 2009 | Prix: 28 euros
Text by: Abderrhamane Boufraïne et Vincent Migeat, Préface d’Edgar Morin

Publisher: Actes Sud (2009)
Size: 20X15 cm
ISBN :2742769293   

C'est encore loin la mer ?

Le passé chevauche sa mise au jour. Les images d'une enfance estivale dans le golfe de Sagone émergent contre les photographies récentes d'un lieu et d'un paysage. Ce grand pas à travers plusieurs décennies raconte l'histoire d'un photographe qui retrouve ses racines corses des années 1960.

Publisher: Actes Sud (2002)
158 pages
Size: 15x20,5 cm
ISBN :2742738363   

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