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Serge Picard

Represented by Gallery VU'

Serge Picard explores the various technical possibilities and limits of photogaphy: its production, its time, its decomposition, its space, and its eternalisation of faces. Easily transitioning from portrait to landscape, from nude to material studies, from colour to black and white, from Fresson printing to Polaroid negative, he treats his subjects with an endless depth, only wanting to better understand photography itself.

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Corsica (2013)

North, France (2013)

Portraits - 2013 (2013)

Portraits 2000-2012 (2012)

Italy (2010)

In the footsteps of Joan of Arc (2007)

The 600-kilometer journey between Domrémy and Chinon traces the route taken by Joan of Arc on her way to meet the French king Charles VII in 1429. Once again, the roads of Sologne and Lorraine host countless travellers following in her footsteps. Called by God to end the siege at Orléans and lead the Dauphin to Reims to have him cowned king, Joan of Arc has always remained one of the most important figures in the hearts of the French people. All of these stops are now celebrated by tourists who believe that followings her journey brings the great moments of French history back to life. On each route and village between Domremy and Chinon, through Vaucouleurs, Auxerre, and...

Cremone instrument makers, Italy (2006)

The last steps of Victor Segalen (2004)

The Bordeaux region (2002)

Serk Island (2001)

Ouessant island (2001)

Edges of the world, France (2001)

Landscapes from the "Edges of the world", between the land and sea which they explore, could have been realized with a calotype by a contemporary photographer of Gustave Le Gray. But it has been realized nowadays, with their fine greys, stability of the space always shut in a closed frame, organized auround the skyline in the perfect rules of classic composition. Those landscapes push us at the limit of romanticism, in a slow and heavy time, only animated by winter lights.

Sponte Sua (2000)

Serge Picard's photographs are illustrating Nathalie Papin's Nathalie's Papin's text is illustrating Serge Picard's photographs. In these pictures, we found a research work on the photographic aesthetic : bodies are material at the disposal of the author...a bit like words are the first material for writing.

Memories of liquid days (2000)

Dreamlike metaphor of human being in town

Dunkerque (2000)

Beaubourg, the Parisian museum (1999)

The tray that shelters the Parisian museum, wanted by president Pompidou, was a hot issue when built at the end of the years seventies. Serge Picard walks along with his camera, making little difference between the exhibited artworks and the architecture of Renzo Piano and richard Rogers... between the centre itself and the people that are going there.


Memories of Liquid Days

Saison accueille dans ses pages des œuvres de sensibilités et d'horizons très variés. Photographes, plasticiens, écrivains, cinéastes, illustrateurs, musiciens etc... s'y croiseront.
Chaque livraison saisonnière propose ainsi au lecteur trois livres d'artistes qui constituent au fil du temps un ensemble de douze ouvrages révélant, autant que faire se peut, des démarches inédites (notamment par la publication de premiers livres).
Saison tente d'Ă©tablir un Ă©quilibre entre des auteurs reconnus, connus et inconnus.

Livre monographique sur la série éponyme de Serge Picard
Text by: Pascal Gibourg

Publisher: Filigranes Editions (2008)
32 pages
Size: 120 x 165
ISBN :978-2-35046-145-8   

Sponte Sua

Sponte Sua (de son propre mouvement) nous entraîne dans un univers de visages et de corps, comme suspendus, hésitants, entre plusieurs réalités. «Ces portraits frémissent d’une vie toute particulière. Ils reflètent, en effet, toute l’ambiguïté du genre : le “bougé” qui les caractérise, réintègre toute la présence du sujet photographié. [...] Le trouble qui émane de ces portraits pourrait correspondre à une dérobade, une fuite du sujet». Nathalie Luyer - Vis à Vis International. Devant ces images décalées, Nathalie Papin nous propose une traversée imaginaire aux côtés de ces «acteurs» impalpables, devenus sous sa plume un cortège étonné.
Text by: Nathalie Papin

Publisher: Filigranes (1997)
64 pages
Size: 23x17 cm
ISBN :2910682307   

Le Marais Poitevin

Nous vous offrons un voyage, un long parcours silencieux où s'ouvrent cent fenêtres sur ce pays d'eau, de lumière, de transparences. Reflets d'un monde qui perdure à fleur de regard, où les signes sont aussi des matins qui se lèvent et des promesses de vie.
Ségolène Royal
Text by: Ségolène Royal, Sylvie Germain, Serge Picard, Thierry Guinuh, Michel Ragon, Jean Dieuzaide, François Mitterand, René Mathé, Jean-Claude Moreno, Marc Deneyer, Bénédicte Delamain, Georges-Louis Godeau, Jen-Loïc Le Quellec, Bernadte Bidaude, Christian Errat

Publisher: Vis Ă  vis
112 pages
ISBN :2912218-02-0   


    2001 - PolaroĂŻd International Photography Award

    1988 - Young Creation Photographic Award


Niolu (Bastia)
From 2014-06-26 to 2014-07-26

Three-week residency in the region of Niolu high mountain region where the highest peaks. Rain, wind, fog ... the shutters are closed. \"It is not because you see anyone that nobody sees you,\" a Corsican friend had told me.

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Heads taken (Cahors)
From 2012-06-01 to 2012-07-01

The portraits, Face-to-face, often on order, with great figures of music are beyond today by the complete lack of story in the confrontation. This is because a purely photographic time is at work in Serge Picard\'s work that his images remain mysterious, enigmatic, and they capture the gaze in order to lead it to lose themselves in memories of childhood, between bliss and nightmare possible.

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Heads taken (Arlon)
From 2011-04-23 to 2011-05-08

As part of the Festival Rencontres Photographiques d'Arlon, the exhibition "Heads taken" by Serge Picard is shown.\r\rFrom Keziah Jones to Helena Noguerra through Philippe Decoufflé, Serge Picard's exhibition "Heads taken" stages face-to-face interviews with personalities from the worlds of music, literature or art.\r\rIn color and square format, he takes special care in working with the light and dialogue between his model and the background in which he is installed. The resulting portraits are characterized by a saturation of colors and the total absence of story in the confrontation which...

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« Aux bords du monde » & « Sponte Sua » (Gap)
From 2011-03-11 to 2011-04-30

Serge Picard explores through many technical approaches, the potential and limitations of photography, its production time, the decomposition of space, its perpetuation. From portraits to landscapes, from nudes to materials study , from color to black and white, from the Fresson prints to Polaroid,he treats its objects in depth. Whatever his approach, formal or thematic, his images are indatables and remain mysterious and enigmatic. It captures the eye to bring it to get lost between memories and imagination, absolute happiness and possible nightmare. Represented by the agency and the...

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Sponte Sua (Arles)
From 2008-07-08 to 2008-09-14

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