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Agence VU - Christian Poveda
Christian Poveda

Born January 12, 1955. Franco-Spanish photographer and film maker.

Christian Poveda's political involvement in the Vietnam War in the 1970’s allowed him to experience the power of images to influence events. This is what made him want to work in photojournalism and documentary film making. His entire work is dedicated to extraordinary political and social situations. The filmography of Christian Poveda includes over 16 documentaries that have been presented at some of the most prestigious festivals and TV markets worldwide included "La Vida Loca" launched during The International Film Festival of San Sebastian 2008.

Christian Poveda was murdered on September 2nd 2009 in the suburbs of San Salvador.
He paid with his life for an exceptional investigation in the heart of the "Mara 18", one of Latin America's most violent gangs.

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El Salvador, La Vida Loca (2010)

One year ago, Christian Poveda passed away, victim of the violence he documented and was verging on for years in the streets of his country of adoption, El Salvador. El Salvador a country still living in the shadow of a brutal civil war. Poverty. Corruption. Political Instability. In recent years, this struggling nations problems have been compounded by a growing, increasingly brutal gang culture. Over the course of a year, acclaimed photographer and documentarian Christian Poveda turned his camera on one neighbourhood Clica (chapter) of the Mara 18, one of the largest and most infamous gangs in El Salvador. Tracing the daily lives criminal exploits, murders, funerals, prison...

The 20th year of Act Up Paris' fight against AIDS (2009)

20 years of existence, of activism, anger, and brilliant feats. This association, which has taken it upon itself to combat AIDS, the existence of which is an admission of its failure, has always labored to make the voices of the sick, marginalized by society, heard. Christian Poveda was one of those who followed this fight, witnessing the actions and demands of a necessary movement. The book _Act-up Paris, Action = Life_, 2009, is published by Jean di Sciullo Editions.

El Salvador, election of Mauricio Funes (2009)

Salvadorans on Sunday march, 15 elected a former TV reporter as the country's first leftist president, unseating a conservative party that ruled for two decades and choosing a government that will be dominated by former guerrillas.

El Salvador, Chalatenego jail (mara 18) (2009)

El Salvador: Mass pacific demonstration of San Salvadorian prisoners. More than 9,000 prisoners began on Saturday 14th of February 2009, “a pacific revolt” to ask for better detention conditions. Salvadorian prisoners are estimated to 21,000 people, but the capacity is only 8,000. Prisoners “refuse to go back to their cells and don’t take part to activities”, according to the Directorate General of Prisons.. The rebellion began in Cojutepeque prison, 55 km from San Salvador, and is propagated quickly to 10 other penitential centres for adults, and four other for minors. As well as Cojutepeque, Apanteos, Usulután, Sensuntepeque, San Vicente, Quezaltepeque, San Francisco Gotera,...

El Salvador, Quezaltepeque jail (Mara Salvatrucha) (2009)

El Salvador : Mass pacific demonstration of San Salvadorian prisoners. More than 9000 prisoners have began, Saturday 14th of February 2009, in El Salvador, “a pacific revolt” to ask for better detention conditions. Salvadorian prison people is estimated to 21 000 people, but there is just 8000 places in prison. Prisoners “refuse to go back to their cells and don’t take part to activities”, according with the general direction of prisons. The rebellion began in the Cojutepeque prison, 55 km from San Salvador, and is propagated quickly to 10 other penitential centres for adults, and four other for minors. As well as Cojutepeque, Apanteos, Usulután, Sensuntepeque, San Vicente,...

Burial of El Largo, member of Mara 18, Salvdor (2009)

“El Largo” member of Mara 18 and his brother were assassinated the 2/10/09 at their parents' house, by members of Mara Salvatrucha. Latin America has one of the highest homicide rates in the world for young adults 15-24. El Salvador has been classified by the United Nations (UN) as the country with more violent deaths in Latin America, figures that are certified by the Salvadoran authorities. Rate is 60 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants, five times what the World Health Organization (WHO) considers epidemic. In El Salvador and the general region, years of war have left deep scars, and violence is endemic. Some 400,000 firearms are still held in the country and are sold...

Mauricio Funes, élection présidentielle au Salvador (2009)

Mauricio Funes (born October 18 1959 in San Salvador in El Salvador) is a candidate for the presidential election of Salvador, 15 March 2009. He represents the left-wing party, the Frente Farabundo Marti National Liberation, FMLN. TV journalist and newcomer in politics, he jolted El Salvador in assuming a large lead in the race as a candidate of the FMLN who led a war of guerrila for twelve years. After decades of dictatorship and of ultra-conservatism, a victory for Funes would represent a historic turning point for the entire nation whose memories of war are still alive. Funes hopes to position itself as a Post war generation leader that affects 350,000 young Salvadorans who are eligible...

Rodrigo Avila, El Salvador presidential elections (2009)

Rodrigo Avila (born on June 25, 1964 in San Salvador, El Salvador) is the ARENA candidate for president of El Salvador on March 15, 2009 Presidential election. Upon his nomination, Avila also became the President of Alianza Republicana Nacionalista. Rodrigo Avila is married to Celina Denys de Avila, his second wife, and has two daughters and one stepdaughter. In 1993 he joined as Sub-Director of the recently created Policía Nacional Civil (PNC), which substituted the old military police abolished during the peace accords in 1992. After the resignation of the PNC's first director, Dr. José María Monterrey, Avila assumed the top post as interim director, until his thirtieth birthday, when...

Moros y Cristianos, Spain (2008)

Spain, Alicante, Muchamiel Moros y Cristianos (in Spanish) or Moros i Cristians (in Valencian), literally means Moors and Christians, and is a set of festival activities which are celebrated in many towns and cities of Spain, mainly in the southern Valencian Community; according to popular tradition the festivals commemorate the battles, combats and fights between Moors (or Muslims) and Christians during the period known as Reconquista (from the 8th century through the 15th century). The festivals represent the capture of the city by the Moors and the subsequent Christian reconquest. The people that take part in the festival are usually enlisted in filaes or comparsas (companies that...

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