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The cell phone’s point of view: Tunisian revolution on the Internet

Tunisian people have succeeded to knock over the 23-year autocratic regime of Ben Ali. There has been one month of demonstrations turning into riots after the police’s repression leads to this situation.

Tunisian people themselves have shot the first pictures of this revolution. Like in Iran one year before, it’s from the cell phone’s point of view that footages and pictures show the real situation of a country where media are locked or controlled.
What the Tunisian youth calls “Facebook Revolution” is a kind of direct resistance where demonstrations are organised on the Internet and where abuses of power are instantaneously pointed to the world and their leaders.

Olivier Coulange makes pictures capturing snapshots of the films uploaded on the Internet. The poor quality of the pictures leaves no doubt about their origins. In this way, the photographer is questioning the place of the author in the information process.
It’s also about the political role of the pictures: purely informative or counter-propagandist, the interpretation spectrum is wide and our readers’ part is to not be passive in front of those pictures. We have to question those documents in order to question ourselves.

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