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Sometimes I wish you could step into my cage.
For just a little while,
to think what I think,
to see what I see,
to feel what I feel,
to understand the confusion,
the fear, the terror…

If you were able to live inside this cage,
even for a moment,
you would see my anxieties,
yet so often my thoughts are of freedom...

Y.R.C. Resident

The Youth Rehabilitation Center (YRC) in St. Croix is the only juvenile detention facility for the U.S. Virgins Islands.

Young men and women, age 12 to 18, are detained in a substandard environment - rust stains on the walls, peeling paint and crumbling ceilings. The daily instructional time is limited to anywhere from zero to just over an hour and there is no vocational training available. Serious offenders are housed with other youths there for petty charges and most days there is only one counselor. Judges have the discretion to send a child to Y.R.C. until his or her nineteenth birthday, no matter what the offense may be.

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