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Crazy Food

“Crazy Food” is a series globally produced by Emmanuel Pierrot for the Libération newspaper. The new school of fine dining is gaining many followers, attracting the famished who are covetous of new pleasures for their palettes... hence the term “fooding” - a contraction of the words “food” and “feeling”.

Emmanuel Pierrot plays with food and jostles us as he redefines the way we eat. He cultivates a very personal style, making minced-meat out of marketing guidelines, and heartily topping it off with his caustic sense of humour. Words, thoughts, expressions and representations clink and clank together, getting a taste of one another, making way for an explosion of visual flavours.

An egg in a green nest... to warm your nest this winter. A veal’s head proudly donning a tie... What if we judged a society by what it served on its plates? Our world, as seen by Emmanuel Pierrot, would become hilarious, surprisingly and at times a little wild.

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