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Christian Lutz

A few kilometers from the city center of Geneva, the most populated city in Switzerland and the European nerve center of the international organizations, the housing towers rise caught by the main highways which leave the area desperately landlocked in the margin: a panorama that can be found identically in most suburbs of European cities.

Christian Lutz lived three months with the inhabitants of the Libellules district, suburban area of Geneva's suburbs. He approaches to this cartography of margin work with the same rigor which characterizes his trilogy on the power (Protokoll; Tropical Gift, In Jesus' name).

Endeavoring to show the daily life of a population and how it interacts with its territory, Christian Lutz reveals a worrying social situation where there is unemployment, lack of prospects and the feeling of abandonment predominate.
Avoiding the pitfalls of both sordid and optimism, he photographs from ground level, embracing the perspectives of Libellules' residents, and produces a serie of images which tells the intimacy of a place and its fractures. All these fleeting poetic impressions and where man's loneliness is palpable

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