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Grande-Synthe, the grave of the Republic

Since 2006, the humanitarian camp of Grande-Synthe, close to the French town of Dunkerke, is hosting refugees who have paid thousands euros the hope of finding a better future in England.

Until last summer, there were 80. Their number has been multiplied by 30 within 6 months. The infrastructures are not sufficient any more and MSF, which was called to help the overwhelmed staff of the camp, is rising the alarm about their inhuman living conditions.

In the shadow of the jungle of Calais, very few help has been given to these migrants, mostly Kurds, who have to share two water sources and 40 showers for approximately 3, 000 people, while small children are sleeping under canvas tents surrounded by mud. Here, as winter is coming, one can die from cold.

To face this critical situation, MSF and the mayor of Grande-Synthe started to build the first French humanitarian camp able to host more than 2,500 people, matching the regulations of the UNHCR. However, this new camp of 500 heated tents with running water and electricity has got the neighbors fearing for a reproduction of the Jungle of Calais.

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