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Argentina - Mothers and Daughters (Madres e Hijas)

Difficult loves (Mothers and daughters)
By Marta Dillon

In Mother and daugthers photographer Adriana Lestido is searching her own traces in the features she captures, which are drawn for all women: repeated gestures that make only mothers out of us, only daughters, women born of a woman who expels us: love and helplessness.Alter two series on motherhood at risk –Tenn-age mothers adn Women jailed- Lestido is not afraid of looking at this bond without any distraction. For three years she photographed four mothers at their most intimate activities, women who are walking the path of life together, wothout any men in their family. Adriana watches mothers with a daughter´s eye. She cooses the place where her questions are valid, and she too wants to know. Why did you drop us from your bosom, Mum? Why are we all alone? Precisely now, when we must live.

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