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Miquel Dewever-Plana
Guatemala, the silent genocide (I)

The Maya people of Guatemala lived a new tragedy in the last decades of the twentieth century: during the cold war, Guatemalan army did the burn earth strategy, eliminating, this way, entire Indian communities. More than 200 000 people were slaughtered, 45 000 people were missing, and 430 Mayas communities were wiped off the map. That was, indisputably, the most tragic conflict of Latin America, and also the most ignored. Peace treaties signed by guerrilla and Guatemalan government December 29th 1996, and the two commissions on truth were the starting point of a long process: finding victims, localising common and mass graves, exhuming corpses, trying and identification, and finally giving back bodies and disappeared people to families.
During more than two years, photographer Miquel Dewever-Plana followed the experts and met surviving people. In this way, he could realise a gripping portraits series, and touching exhumation scenes. Pictures are accompanied with testimonies on those terrible years, and with “letters addressed by the living to the dead finally found”. This book reports the lot reserved to Indian people on all the prosperous territories of the Latino American continent, victims of covetousness of big earth owner, guiding the arms of militaries, or those of foreign powers. Those pictures and those testimonies are also a sign of hope for Mayas people, who by their evidences, have helped forensic anthropologies to find the truth, hiding under the earth since a quarter of a century.

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