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A tous les Franais (Charles de Gaulle)

This year, France is getting ready to celebrate a double anniversary : Charles de Gaulle's radio appeal of June 18 1940, urging french people to resist the Nazi occupation, and his death in November 1970.

"For us, having a look at Charles de Gaulle meant :"That's what our father and grandfathers were like" (Philippe Labro).

Two pictures led Claude Pauquet to start a series on Charles De Gaulle: first, the illustration from the package of the "Laughing Cow" cheese, twisted into a caricature of General De Gaulle in the 1960s and then, an invitation card sent by the Elyse and used as a bookmark in a book about De Gaulle. Its addressee, the photographers mother, former prisoner of Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, was invited to a mass in memory of General De Gaulle at Notre-Dame de Paris in 1968.

In this series, Claude Pauquet shows us his own De Gaulle and the one of his parents, the way he was seen and described at home.

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