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Photography Workshop
in Paris

Jean-Christian Bourcart
Pushing the boundaries. Moving forward together.

7th, 8th and 9th of November 2014
A workshop with Jean-Christian Bourcart is a journey through which we move forward together towards the unknown, we reveal ourselves in an audacious and daring manner, creating spaces of freedom within the fields of the arts, psychology, metaphysics and humor.

The aim is double : on one hand it is about pushing the border of what we allow ourself to do, or what we think we are capable of doing. And on the other hand it is about deepening our understanding of the creative gesture, of the constant yet necessary coming and going between instinct and analyzing, between desire and need. 

And in order to reach these aims, Jean-Christian Bourcat has developed over the years through his practice and teaching of photography, conceptual tools and analytical methods, which he will pass on for the participant to sharpen his ability to understand art and to develop an original photographic style. 

The magic of group-work allows for a total immersion, where a careful listening and critics will encourage the questioning on levels which are fundamental, intimate yet with no taboo nor judgment and no limits, beside the ones of desire and mutual respect. With the conviction that the creative process is one of alchemy that turns something raw and vulgar into something beautiful, rare and precious. 

Information and Programm

Workshop supervisor
Jean-Christian Bourcart

Dates and location
7th, 8th and 9th November 2014
- Friday 7: from 1pm till 7pm
- Saturday 8: from 10am till 8pm
- Sunday 9: from 10am till 6pm
Agence & Galerie VU', Hôtel Paul Delaroche, 58 rue Saint-Lazare, 75009 Paris.

- Critical review of the previous work of each participant and interviews to determine individual objectives to be attained during training.
- Exercises in daytime and night-time shooting depending on the experience of each participant and the level of the group.
- Methods for the development of an idea through the design and realisation of an original photographic project.
- Focus on issues such as trauma / personal development, freedom / limits, ethics / aesthetics.
- Methods for analysing an image.
- Projection of photographs produced: critical review and prospects for further development.
- Workshop debrief: appraisal, comments and recommendations from the instructor.

Participants must bring:
- A portfolio (either in the form of paper prints or in digital) with not only one but a few series of his personal work.
- A digital camera and if possible a laptop, since this workshop will require a regular use of this material.

Tuition fee
- Full price : 490 euros.
Simultaneous enrollment to two workshops of the program : 415 euros per workshop, hence 830 euros in total.
Concession (unemployed, students and under 25) : 390 euros.

Informations & inscriptions
Mathias Nouel / +33 (0)1 53 01 85 84 /


Jean-Christian Bourcart
"Taking pictures of people, their activities, their traces, is an appropriate way for me to be among them, varying from a series to another the terms of Maurice Merleau-Ponty's phrase : "My body is simultaneously seeing and seen. »

For a long time, my goal has been to reveal secret and outcast worlds that were too fleeting to be noticed. Sometimes I'll pounce on my subject, other times I'll hunt it down secretly and finally steal its image. There often were feelings of disobedience in the air, a clandestine atmosphere, also the ideas of obsession and movement. Sometimes, the ambiance was full of primitive and unfulfillable needs, narcissistic wounds and forbidden desires.

Nowadays, I'm rather fascinated by the unsteady nature of what we call reality. Photography is a wonderful tool to question our presence/absence in the world. For me, it is crucial to interrogate our practices and to admit the subjective dimension of our own perspective, also the spectacular aspect of media we all take part in, in order to suggest new narration modes. They should be more personal, interactive and inclusive, always searching for a delicate balance between poetic, psychological and political viewpoints."

General Terms

Limited to a maximum of 12 people.

You can receive a pre-enrollement form by contacting:
Mathias Nouel / +33(0)1 53 01 85 84 /
This latter will have to be sent - at the latest - 15 days prior to the beginning of the workshop. It must be accompanied by a postal check OR a bank transfert* of 50% of the total fee, and addressed to the order of: Agence VU’.

Final enrollement
Once the Agency receive the form, your enrollement to the workshop will be confirmed by email. Then, you will be requested to pay the rest of the amount due within 10 days before the beginning of the workshop.
* the potential bank fees are in charge of the participant

Reproduction and diffusion autorisation
The workshop participant authorizes Agence VU’ to reproduce and distribute:
- Any photographs of him or her taken during the workshop.
- The photographs and that have been chosen in a common agreement with the course leader.

These images will be used as documents in the framework of any communication material to advertise the workshops (on varied aid; internet, paper…). The participant renounce to ask for any compensation if any of her or his images were to be used in the communication of the workshops.

To be able to be reimbursed, the participant needs to notify, at the latest 10 days prior to the workshop, the agency. After this deadline, no reimbursement will be possible, unless in a case of major problem.

Workshop cancelation
Agence VU' reserves the right to cancel a workshop. In case of a cancelation, Agence VU will propose, in agreement with the concerned people, the possibility to take part in another workshop. In case no solution can be found, Agence VU will reimburse the fees to the participants.

Information & subscriptions

Mathias Nouel
+33(0)1 53 01 85 84



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