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Go No Go

“I started my report in Albania in 1992, when I photographed thousands of people who were fleeing the country and heading for Greece or Italy. Yes, things have changed now; the people leaving countries such as Pakistan, China, India, Bangladesh and certain African countries are no longer asking for asylum. They know that they will never be granted refugee status so they live illegally. Every day, immigrants are attempting to cross borders, hiding in trains or on board ships, or risking their lives travelling along mountain paths. The traffic in illegal immigrants to Europe has become a highly lucrative business. Illegal immigrants who are turned back no longer return to their countries of origin, for fear of losing face, because usually it is members of their families who have found the money to finance their flight to Europe.
Ad van Denderen spent more than ten years patiently and tenaciously travelling across the length and breadth of Europe to report on what the situation is actually like or rather on the alarming situations in which illegal immigrants find themselves. This is when, as we look through the images, we see the profound tragedy of these men who are rejected from everywhere discreetly appearing: they can no longer go back and the door on which they are knocking is being locked a little more every day.
It builds up into a photographic document which questions – without the slightest complacency - a major problem which Europe needs to tackle head on.

The exhibition consists of 50 black and white prints, format:

50 cm x 60 cm, under passe-partout: There is a catalogue accompanying the exhibition.

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