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I have been working on identical twins since a long time.

At the start, I was fascinated by differences, the variations, the uniqueness of each other, within the same genetic code. And I focused on the details that made that different, and their struggle to create their own identity.

Then, throughout the years, and especially through the Burundian experience, the work took me elsewhere. I realized the importance of the other, for the identity process, its essential role: the other no longer as a limit, but as an opportunity.

And the idea of Hito came forward.

The Japanese ideogram used to represent the human being: the image of two people leaning one to another.

What makes human is: to stand together. If one steps back, the other falls.

The first set of this exhibition consists of 13 prints, underneath passe-partout:
3 prints 52x52 cm, and 10 prints 42x52 cm

The second one, consists of 20 Black&White prints : 20x25 cm

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