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The Lashkars

The Lashkars are civilian militia historically formed of tribal warriors, who place themselves in the front line facing the Taliban threat to defend their own people, with the support of the Pakistani army. The Lashkars contribute to pacify and to ensure the security of the zone in view of the bomb attacks and of the risk of infiltration of the insurgents.
In 2007, the Swat valley, at the northern border of Pakistan, fell into the hands of the Taliban before returning under the control of the Pakistani army after the offensive carried out in 2009 against the fundamentalist insurgents. At the epicentre of omnipresent world terrorism, these zones remain at the forefront of a conflict which goes widely beyond the issues of the region.
Massimo Berruti has carried out this work in Pashtunistan from January to the beginning of April 2011.

52 prints: 14 size 60x160 cm, 13 size 60x90 cm and 25 size 40x60 cm

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