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Double I

There is a great temptation to create duplicates from a single copy, at least when working with images. For almost fifteen years now, Dominique Delpoux’s photographic process has involved asking questions about identity. The sociological content of this process can clearly be grasped and it is backed up by numerous pieces of work all brought together within a powerful concept: it is always about capturing differences through similarities, the transformation brought about in a single face, a single person, by time, a job, an environment or a background with the aim of bringing out life experience, culture and a genuine situation. The procedure is kept very simple: a pair of twins are photographed at home, in other words they appear in the same picture if they live together or otherwise in two pictures together in a diptych; workers are photographed at the starts and ends of their working days; a single person is photographed first in his or her working environment and then in a setting of his or her choice – there is a series about mayors which also uses this process. Finally, people are photographed both with and without their uniforms. Through simple, head-on poses, the photographer always allows each individual to present him or herself to the lens in any way he or she likes, thus becoming a kind of participant in his or her own portrayal. The result is a series of direct, modest portraits which could not be further from caricature.

The exhibition includes of 72 framed colour prints:

50 x 60 cm (20) - 50 x 75 cm (4) - 110 x 75 cm (40) - 150 x 45 cm (8)

It consists of several series that can be presented separately.

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