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Photographers, where are they ?

Interview : Agence VU

In the first part of the interview, Anita Conti's son Laurent Girault-Conti, and French illustrator Jacques de Loustal, talk about their vision of the work of Anita Conti.
At Galerie VU', from May 12th to July 13th, 2017.

Edit Beijing
Book : Guy Tillim
Q* Bending Gender
From 2017-04-08 to 2017-09-17
Exhibition : Laerke Posselt
Yrkingar (ongoing project)
Serie : Laerke Posselt
Photography Workshop
in Paris
VU'WORKSHOP : INTIMITÉS : Le photographe et son modèle

Design by SYB. Edition limited to 500 copies with a signed c-print. Color snapshots took in the street by south african photographer Guy Tillim during his artistic residency in Beijing


The patriarchy that has been the normality for centuries is dissolving in Northern Europe and other parts of the Western World. Now, 100 years after women in Denmark were given the right to vote, the gender is up for negotiation. At the international fashion weeks transgenders went down the...


This is a diaristic photo essay from the Faroe Islands. Situaded between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands have always been an isolated society of approximately 450 square miles of volcano remains. Religion, tradition and the big forces of nature are main...

Les 2, 3 et 4 Juin 2017
Ces trois journées avec Françoise Huguier seront une invitation à trouver de l’audace et une nouvelle confiance en vous dans un processus qui passera par la rencontre de personnes que vous irez photographier. La photographie sera en effet abordée comme une relation au...

Srebrenica, nuit à nuit
From 2017-04-23 to 2017-06-11
Exhibition : Adrien Selbert
Mosul, portrait of a slow return to life
Serie : Loulou d'Aki
Laurent Gaudé & Gaël Turine | Maison de la poésie | Paris
Video : Gaël Turine
Anita Conti
From 2017-05-12 to 2017-07-13
Exhibition : Anita Conti

SREBRENICA, LA BELLE, LA PAISIBLE. Convoitée dans la Yougoslavie de Tito pour ses sources thermales et la qualité de son air, Srebrenica a longtemps prospéré sur ses mines qui donnèrent à la cité son nom : la ville d’argent.Après l’épisode macabre de la guerre, l’argent s’est...


What does life looks like in Mosul after three somber years past under the yoke of ISIS ? How to start again a normal everyday life after having experienced the jihadist terror ? In order to answer those questions, Loulou d’Aki has been meeting the inhabitants of Mosul districts which has been...


À l’occasion de la sortie du livre "En bas la ville" aux éditions le bec en l'air, le photographe Gaël Turine et l’écrivain Laurent Gaudé partagent une poésie photographique qui plonge l’auditoire dans une expérience visuelle et auditive haïtienne. Le dialogue entre les...


Anita Conti, aventurière passionnée et libre, tirait sa révérence il y a tout juste 20 ans, un soir de décembre.  La Galerie VU’ consacre une rétrospective à celle qui a témoigné de l’âpreté de la vie en mer, s’embarquant avec les « racleurs d’océans » pour documenter...

En bas la ville
Book : Gaël Turine
EPIDEMIC : « Triangle of death »
Serie : Massimo Berruti
Canada Canada
From 2017-04-28 to 2017-06-11
Exhibition : Rip Hopkins
Canada Canada
Book : Rip Hopkins

Photographer Gaël Turine and writer Laurent Gaudé travelled together to Haiti. Struck by the dignity of the Haitians plunged into a chaotic setting, they take away from their stay documentary material, but also a more literary approach; an accurate reflection of their experience. This accordion...


Toxic waste and corruption in Italy In the shadow of the Vesuvius, the area of Naples is subject to a major political, ecological and sanitary furore. In twenty-two years, about 10 million tonnes of industrial waste have been buried illegally, with the help of the local mafia, the Camorra, and...


Over the course of a year, Hopkins made multiple visits to Canada, connecting with and photographing a variety of people, groups and activities in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. This archive of work can be viewed as a photographic trajectory of Hopkins’ travels and the relationships he formed in an...

“Before I went to Canada, I felt that I was intimately familiar with this part of the world through the pursuit races, the butt stories and the tricks of North American cinema.” Canada Canada is a cinematic fantasy. Canada my own film where I am its main protagonist. In this documentary...

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