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Photographers, where are they ?

Video by Adrien Selbert

Movie directed by Adrien Selbert and broadcasted on screens, in Chanel's pop-up stores, as part of the topic "Game Center".

City + (part 1) The coldest city in the world (Yakutsk, Siberia)
Serie : Steeve Iuncker
Au lieu de ce monde
From 2018-03-14 to 2018-05-00
Exhibition : Maia Flore
Népal. Épiphanies du quotidien
Book : Frédéric Lecloux
Photography Workshops
in Paris
Israel Ariño
Le collodion humide : technique ancienne, mode d’expression contemporain

Yakutsk, which is located in the north of Oriental Siberia, is known for its winter temperatures that regularly reach -122°F. The city is engulfed in a thick and oppressive blanket of freezing fog that restricts visibility to 10 meters, and out of which, emerges once in a while some dark and...


Lauréate du prix HSBC en 2015, Maia Flore a fait connaître à travers de nombreuses expositions, son travail marqué par la recherche de ponts entre le réel et l’imaginaire. Elle détourne, modifie ou augmente le monde, comme pour dire qu’elle ne se soumettra pas à ses lois. Depuis...

Nepal. Epiphanies of the Everyday Nepal is most famous for its extraordinary geography, yet the everyday life its inhabitants is played out elsewhere. Since 1994, Frédéric Lecloux has been documenting its upheavals and tumultuous history, right up to the earthquake in 2015 and the mass...

Les 30, 31 Mars et 1er Avril 2018
Ce stage propose une immersion unique dans l'histoire, l'art et l'esthétique du collodion humide ainsi qu’une introduction avancée à sa pratique.

Permafrost, victim of global warming
Serie : Paolo Verzone
Jardin intime
From 2018-03-09 to 2018-03-31
Exhibition : Françoise Huguier
Book : José Manuel Navia
Les Berbères
From 2018-02-20 to 2018-05-18
Exhibition : Ferhat Bouda

In one of the northernmost corners of Russia lie the Lena river delta and its multiple islands. One of them is called Saymolov and harbours a scientific station dedicated to the study of permafrost. Every year for ten years, German and Russian scientists have been coming in the summer months to...


À l’occasion de la parution du nouvel album de RSF, 100 photos de Françoise Huguier pour la liberté de la presse, du 8 au 31 mars, la Galerie VU’ consacre une exposition à cette immense artiste au destin exceptionnel. Jardin Intime propose une sélection d\'une cinquantaine de tirages...

Apart from their evident mastery of colour and framing, Navia’s documentary photographs are noted for their humanistic approach to landscapes and peoples of the South: the Mediterranean, Africa, Latin America and any regions with Latin and Iberian roots. According to series director Chema...


Depuis sept ans, Ferhat Bouda documente en noir et blanc la vie des Amazighs et participe à la lutte contre l’assimilation et l’oubli auxquels ils sont assignés. Ne s’inscrivant pas dans la logique d’État-Nation, les Amazighs (ou Berbères, terme qui signifie « homme libre ») occupent...

Jerusalem Stone
From 2017-12-09 to 2018-03-04
Exhibition : Ad Van Denderen
The Boys of Afghanistan’s Ski Fields
Serie : Andrew Quilty
Racism in India: the africain portraits (extract)
Serie : Mahesh Shantaram
Lumière sur la Fashion Week parisienne
Adrien Selbert

For almost 25 years Ad van Denderen, has followed daily life in Israel and the Palestinian territories with his camera. He worked at first in black and white, in a classical, direct, reportage style. About 15 years ago he switched to colour, and since then he has employed a more detached and...


It’s in 2009 that the inhabitants from the small Afghan village of Aub Bala, or High Water in Balochi, saw what skis were like for the first time. A man and a woman working for the an international organization had come to the province, better known for its Taliban-destroyed stone Buddhas, to map...


Racism In India : the African Portraits « Anywhere in the world, it takes a black person to teach us what racism really means. » On January 31st, 2016, Bangalore woke up to yet another news of a shocking mob attack against a Tanzanian student. This particular one was appalling enough to...


Pour "Libération", Adrien Selbert s'est glissé deux jours au cœur de la préparation des défilés pour immortaliser les silhouettes colorées du prêt-à-porter automne-hiver 2018.

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