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Photographers, where are they ?

From 2018-10-06 to 2018-10-27

Centre Camille-Claudel - Clermont-Ferrand (FRANCE)
Exhibition by Munem Wasif
Munem Wasif went to meet the community of Satkhira, in southwest Bangladesh, a region particularly affected by the ravages of climate change. He photographed his inhabitants, testifying to the problems of water supply and the dramatic consequences that the advance of the sea has for them on a daily basis, pushing their quest for drinking water ever further back. Birds, fish, insects... Everything that lived on this earth was burned by brackish...

In Our Nature
Serie : Tamara Dean
Momentum, la mécanique de l'épreuve
Book : JR
Mémoire collective. Une histoire plurielle des violences politiques en Guinée
Book : Mahesh Shantaram
Photography Workshops
in Cap-Ferret
Richard Dumas
Résidence photographique, trouver une approche personnelle d’un territoire : portraits et espaces

« This series was set in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and Mt Lofty Gardens. In Our Nature is a symbolic reminder that we are neither separate nor superior to nature. Instead, it acknowledges, we are a part of nature, and that to wreak destruction upon nature is to ultimately wreak destruction upon...

Extrêmement prolifique ces dernières années, le travail de JR touche un nombre croissant de disciplines comme la photographie, les arts visuels, le cinéma ou le spectacle vivant. Douze ans après avoir autorisé JR, alors inconnu, à coller des portraits sur le mur de son entrée, la Maison Européenne...

This book is a contribution to the assembly of the Guinean historical puzzle. A collective work that invites us to go beyond the fault lines of the 20th century. Guinean, French and American authors have combined their efforts to gather elements of the history of political violence in Guinea. They...

Du 5 au 11 novembre 2018

Momentum, la mécanique de l\'épreuve
From 2018-11-07 to 2019-02-10
Exhibition : JR
Desmemoria, ou les oubliés du rêve révolutionnaire (Guajiros)
Serie : Pierre-Elie de Pibrac
A Siberian Odyssey
From 2018-10-27 to 2018-11-25
Exhibition : Claudine Doury
Pigalle People. 1978–1979
Book : Jane Evelyn Atwood

« Momentum, la mécanique de l’épreuve » est la première grande exposition de JR au sein d’une institution française. Elle rassemble notamment les premières photographies de l’artiste, des collages de format monumental de ses plus grands projets, et plusieurs installations inédites. Travaillant à...


With Guarijos Pierre-Elie de Pibrac offer a gallery of portraits of sugar workers in the Cuban countryside. Photographed in their villages, posing in front of the walls of their houses, the faces of these farmers and their families show another side of Cuba. By inserting a watermark text on...


Winner in 2017 of the Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière Photography Prize in partnership with the Académie des beaux-arts for her project \"A Siberian Odyssey\", Claudine Doury presents the work she has accomplished throughout this year as part of the Prize. \"A Siberian Odyssey\" is the story of a...

It is 1978 in Pigalle. Jane Evelyn Atwood, a young American, has been in Paris for a few years. She’s just completed her very first photo story about the prostitutes in town, in which she asserts from the beginning what will remain the fundamentals of her practice: long-term involvement, immersion,...

Guinean constellation
Serie : Mahesh Shantaram
The Emotion of Vertigo
Serie : Massimo Siragusa
The Sino-Russian border, an uncommon relationship
Serie : Davide Monteleone
Interview Ferhat Bouda - Parcours à fleur de peau
Ferhat Bouda

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Guinea's independence, Mahesh Shantaram, commissioned by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), went to Conakry. The port capital of Guinea, an economic and political center, has a population of nearly two million. Free of prejudice,...


From the cliffs of the beautiful island of Capri to the steep peaks of the Cortina d'Ampezzo, it is amazing to see the similar sensations that can evoke landscapes that seem to have no common features. Yet this is what Massimo Siragusa's photographs tell us, with the constant search for the...


The world's most populous country and the world's largest country, both permanent members of the UN Security Council, share a common border. The Sino-Russian border is one of the longest in the world, over 4300 km long, and stretches from eastern China to North Korea. Over the years, and since the...


France Inter - Emission "Regarder Voir" de Brigitte Patient Ferhat Bouda documente la culture Berbère, partout où elle se trouve. Pour témoigner et donner à voir. Comment devient-on photographe ? Portrait d'un photographe sur le fil de l'émotion et de la résistance.

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