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Agence VU - Jesse Marlow
Jesse Marlow

Jesse Marlow is a documentary photographer based in Melbourne. Over the last eight years he has worked for a range of local and international magazines, newspapers and commercial clients. His works are held in public and private collections across Australia. In 2002, he was the inaugural winner of the Australian Hasselblad X-Pan Masters competition. In 2003, he published his first book of photographs : "Centre Bounce : Football from Australia's heart" (Hardie Grant Books). Images from "Centre Bounce" have been exhibited and published extensively, both in Australia and internationally. In 2005, Marlow published his second book “Wounded” (Sling Shot Press). In 2006, Marlow participated in the World Press Photo Joop-Swart Masterclass.

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Michael Jackson's fans (2009)

Australia, Melbourne, 07 July 2009 Fans watch the Michael Jackson memorial service at Federation Square.

Bushfires aftermath in Australia (2009)

Australia faces every summer an outbreak of blazes in the South-East of the country. In 2009, those bushfires were particularly violent, depriving a lot of people of their houses. Forest fires are increased by a more and more important human presence, and by the particular climatic conditions of this region. To volunteer fires, we have to add the natural aspect of the phenomenon. Flora complicates the work of firemen: eucalyptus contains, in its leaves, an inflammable oil, which feed flames.

Indigenous people around Alice Springs, Australia (2006)

Alice Springs is a small town in the middle of Australia. People often describe it as the country’s heartbeat, pulsing away in the hot red desert that most Australians never visit. But if this is the country’s heart, then it is a life force that is weakening by the second. A large concentration of Australia’s indigenous population lives in and around Alice Springs. Twenty camps scattered around the town, often in industrial wastelands, house those travelling into Alice from their outback communities, in conditions that resemble those of South African ghettos of the 1980s. The Town Camps are patrolled nightly by a group of indigenous locals from Alice who call themselves the Night Patrol....

Centre Bounce, football from Australia's heart (2000)

Indegenous communities in remote regions throughout the Northern Territory play Australian Rules Football with a commitment and passion not seen anywhere else around the country. Teams and families can travel a thousand kilometres for a weekly game.



Publisher: Sling Shot Press (2005)
Size: 155x220 mm
ISBN :0646450441   

Centre Bounce

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books (2003)
112 pages
Size: 275x235 mm
ISBN :1740660501   

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