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Franck Brisset

Born in 1957 in Lille, France, Franck Brisset 's father introduced him to the world of pictures. Throughout his professional life, Brisset has maintained a foothold in both photography and video reportage.

Between assignments for television (France 2; France 3…), he has put aside the moving image for the still one. For him, photography is a complementary, not unequal, art. Brisset's travels through Russia, the Caucasus, the Middle-East, and his native France, have served as his inspiration.

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Russia (2003)

Franck Brisset takes us on a journey to the land of Urals and Siberia. A true journey on a continent, the country of Russia. Cities, as rural and uninhabited spaces that he photographes and lends itself perfectly to black and white. The contrasts between the snow and everything else are strengthened.

Chechnya (2001)

During a trip organized by the Ministry of the Interior for the foreign media. Those trip are named "Yasterzhemski tour".

Brain research centre, Russia (1998)

Young drug addicts undergo drug treatments whereas they are awake in order to observe mental reactions in live during the operation. Liquid nitrogen is injecteed in their brain with a needle in order to eliminate addiction zones, as the doctors say. Those youngsters come from well-to-do families. In 1998, an operation costed 2500 dollars and there were possibilities to shape up with unsmiling after effects.


Lettre de province (St Petersbourg)
From 2008-05-31 to 2008-06-22

« It seems that the leafs from the trees have fallen and that winter will never come »Andrei Tarkovski. « First Snow »Shown as a journey diary, the extract from a serie of photographs made in Russia from 1997 to 2004. Vladivostock, Moscou, Tbilissi, Volgograd, St Petersbourg etc…A travel made of meetings, personnal impressions in this huge country."More than a come back on my own steps... it seemed necessary, non avoidable to confront my point of vue to the Russian's... to share my impressions."(Frank Brisset)The exhibition take place at the Art Center of St Petersbourg,...

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