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Gaël Turine

Born in Nieuport, Belgium, in 1972.

Gaël Turine studied photography at l’école des Arts Plastiques du 75 de Bruxelles.
Just after he got his degree in photography in 1997, Gaël Turine started a series of long-term reportages. In 2001, his project Aveuglément (Blindly) about the cooperatives for the blind in West Africa, became a book in the Photo Poche series in 2001. His book Being 20 in Kabul is published in 2003 (Alternatives editions). In 1998 Gaël Turine started to work in Eritrea. In 2004, he received the first grant given by the « Aftermath Grant Project » (USA), which afforded him three more trips to Eritrea and the completion of his project.
In 2006, Gaël Turine was the recipient of the « Golden Clover award » to complete his project on the route of the Voodoo cult. The book came out in 2011 (Lannoo Editions).
In 2009, the three years project Aujourd’hui c’est demain (Today is tomorrow), photographing 25 people cured from cancers, was published in a book by Delpire Editeur.

In 2013, his body of work The Wall and Fear about the wall between India and Bangladesh was exhibited in Saint-Brieuc during the Photoreporter Festival (2012) and during the Visa pour l’Image Festival (2014) in Perpignan. The book is published by Photopoche in 2014. For the Wall and Fear, the photographer was rewarded in 2013 with the « Shortlist of the Anthropographia Awards for Human Rights », in the category « Still Photography ».

Gaël Turine was involved into group photographic projects with international photographers for collective books and exhibitions.

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En bas la ville (2017)

Photographer Gaël Turine and writer Laurent Gaudé travelled together to Haiti. Struck by the dignity of the Haitians plunged into a chaotic setting, they take away from their stay documentary material, but also a more literary approach; an accurate reflection of their experience. This book "En bas la ville"* contains fifty photographs that inspired the writer to create two texts: a long poem in prose and an account of their companionship in this fragile and fascinating country. * Le bec en l'air editions, 2017

« Disputed land » (2017)

Fifty years ago, between June 5th and 10th 1967, Israel invaded the Egyptian Sinaï, the West Bank, the Gaza strip and the Syrian Golan Heights during a blitzkrieg. The « Six-Days War » redrawn the Middle East's frontiers. Since then, the Israeli state has officially withdrew from the Sinaï and the Golan and annexed Est Jerusalem while slowly colonizating West Bank's territory. The Palestinian enclave in Gaza Strip is still under blocus even with the Israeli withdraw. Despite the aborted attempts at peace treaty, the two states solution, encouraged notably by the consecutive american presidents including Donald Trump, seems to get further away everyday. Gaël Turine has...

South Africa, the most luxurious train in the world (2017)

Go aboard on the Rovos, "the most luxurious train in the world", as its owner Rohan Vos likes to remind, it's turning back the clock and making the experience of an unsual journey that matters more than the destination. On the platform, the tank engine seems to come from a novel of Jules Vernes. The inside of wagons also impress by its anachronism and its refinement. During the journey which cross on thousand miles of kilometres southern Africa, the travelers, for most british, enjoy spectacular landscapes in an absolute comfort. Gaël Turine has taken part of one of those singular travels for two days. In a cinematic serie, he shows the atmosphere and the splendour that prevail on...

Shuto Orizari, Romani capital (2017)

In Macedonia, in the suburb of Skopje, Shuto Orizari has been created on a landfill, when the 1963 earthquake gave an alibi to the Yugoslavian authorities to gather a minority population seen as problematical. Nowadays, Shutka, the nickname given to Shuto Orizari, is the largest Rom city in the world (with 35 000 inhabitants with 95% of Roms), and the only one which chose to adopt Romani as the official language. The town is now considered as the international Romani capital. There, the Gypsy soul breathes, and the traditions last. « These streets belong to us. Here, this is our home and we can be who we are, simply and freely… Roms officials delegations from Hungary, Czech...

Grande-Synthe, the grave of the Republic (2016)

Since 2006, the humanitarian camp of Grande-Synthe, close to the French town of Dunkerke, is hosting refugees who have paid thousands euros the hope of finding a better future in England. Until last summer, there were 80. Their number has been multiplied by 30 within 6 months. The infrastructures are not sufficient any more and MSF, which was called to help the overwhelmed staff of the camp, is rising the alarm about their inhuman living conditions. In the shadow of the jungle of Calais, very few help has been given to these migrants, mostly Kurds, who have to share two water sources and 40 showers for approximately 3, 000 people, while small children are sleeping under canvas tents...

Chanee, the gibbon whisperer (2015)

Who led Aurélien Brulé, a young thirty-six year-old French man, founder of the Kalaweit association dedicated to the protection of Indonesian gibbons, to leave everything behind and settle down in the Borneo jungle ? This is what the photographer Gaël Turine wants to analyse. The idea is to put into pictures this amazing commitment for a double cause : a precocious passion for gibbons and a will to fight against the biggest deforestation movement in the world. When he was twelve years old, Aurélien Brulé fell in love with the gibbons and decided to dedicate his life to them. He published a book when he was 17 which was recognized by the specialists, and travelled to Borneo when...

The Love Commandos in Delhi (2015)

In India, the caste system, religious differences, socio-economic gaps and ancestral traditions of arranged marriages are seen today as a barrier to the freedom to love. The resistance of the families creates many dramas. There are more than a thousand honor killings (mainly women) per year in the country. India is experiencing significant socio-cultural changes pushing back the country's traditions and customs, mainly in the cities where young people have access to Western models through print media, Internet or movies. In response to the violent disproportionate reactions of families and distress of young people, an Indian journalist created the association Love Commandos in Delhi. The...

India and Bangladesh - The Wall and Fear (2014)

In 1993, India began building a dividing wall over a distance of 3 200 kilometers [approximately 2000 miles], separating it from neighboring Bangladesh. Officially it was to protect the country from Islamist terrorists and illegal migrants. Here people are arrested, tortured and killed, making this the most dangerous border in the world. Nearly all victims are Bangladeshi citizens trying to cross illegally to the other side, and for any number of reasons - economic, family, health or environmental - as their country suffers from every possible affliction. Whatever name we call it – wall, barrier or fence – its goal is the same: to restrict any human and geographic relation between...


En bas la ville

Photographer Gaël Turine and writer Laurent Gaudé travelled together to Haiti. Struck by the dignity of the Haitians plunged into a chaotic setting, they take away from their stay documentary material, but also a more literary approach; an accurate reflection of their experience. This accordion book contains fifty photographs that inspired the writer to create two texts: a long poem in prose and an account of their companionship in this fragile and fascinating country.

Artistic direction: Chiqui Garcia
Text by: Laurent Gaudé

Publisher: Éditions Le bec en l'air (2017)
122 pages
Size: 15x21 cm  

Le Mur et la peur

Photo Poche Société n°19

Dès 1933, L'Inde entame la construction d'un mur de trois mille deux cents kilomètres la séparant de son voisin bangladais. Qu'il soit fait de béton ou d'une double haute clôture de fil de fer barbelé, il est infranchissable et sévèrement gardé. Gaël Turine, qui s'intéresse à la notion de séparation entre les peuples et les pays, a mené une longue enquête sur ce mur peu connu, qui détient pourtant la sinistre réputation de constituer la frontière la plus dangereuse et la plus sanglante du monde. La quasi-totalité des victimes sont des bangladais qui, pour des raisons économiques, familiales, sanitaires ou environnementales, tentent d'échapper à l'extrême pauvreté et à la surpopulation démesurée de leur pays.

Pour ce travail inédit, Gaël Turine, a reçu en 2013 le Prix spécial du meilleur reportage photo de l'Agence française de développement (AFD).

Publisher: Actes Sud (2014)
144 pages
Size: 12,5 x 19   


Gael Turine travelled to Benin, Haiti and the USA in order to capture the stunning images in this book. Charting the origins of voodoo, the photographs form an impressive series in black and white of voodoo practices and its historical bond with the slave trade. Gael Turine portrays people in their natural habitat. Travelling to Benin, Haiti and the USA exposed him to various voodoo practices. The pictures he made in those countries not only form the basis for this book, but also contain significant anthropological information.
Text by: Gaël Turine

Publisher: Lannoo sa (2011)
176 pages
ISBN :9020992112   

Aujourd'hui c'est demain

Des photos du quotidien prises en ville, à la campagne, dans une école, des scènes de tous les jours volées dans un tram, une plaine de jeux, l'intimité d'une famille...
et la balançoire, hop vers les nuages...
On s'identifie facilement à ces jeunes gens qui jouent aux cartes, à ces adolescents qui font du sport, à ces parents émerveillés devant leur premier né.
Et l'objectif du photographe isole un visage, puis un autre et finalement dessine les portraits de 25 personnes qui se racontent.
Peu d'entre eux parlent de maladie et pourtant tous ont eu un cancer pendant leur enfance.
Chimiothérapie, radiothérapie, chirurgie, rechute... dur parcours pour ces enfants.

Mais aujourd'hui ils sont guéris!
Text by: Eric Sariban

Publisher: Delpire (2009)
ISBN :2851072439   

Other Worlds

Gaël Turine est un passeur d'images, comme d'autres sont des passeurs d'histoires. Il nous fait partager le quotidien des Moscovites, des Boliviens, des Haïtiens, avec la discrétion et la retenue que pourrait apporter un familier, un ami de la famille. L'empathie qu'il manifeste pour les personnes qu'il photographie ne cède jamais le pas à un esthétisme de surface ; pas d'effets plasticiens aussi faciles que inutiles dans des images qui respirent la simplicité et qui n'évoquent que la chaleur d'un regard ami.
Text by: Jean-Paul Marthoz

Publisher: Husson (2006)
115 pages
Size: 21x25,5 cm
ISBN :2916249028   


Collectif : photographies de Jane Evelyn Atwood, Jean-Marc Bodson, Gaël Turine, Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt, Hugues de Wurstemberger La prison est un lieu où la société enferme non seulement des personnes, mais aussi ses peurs, comme si la sécurité générale pouvait être appréciée à l’indice du nombre des détenus. Outre les commentaires de certains détenus, les photos de ce livre sont loin d’être muettes : elles interrogent non seulement sur les conditions de l’enfermement, mais aussi sur sa raison d’être. La prison peut-elle rester cet endroit clos où l’on parque à l’aveugle ceux qui ont commis, ou en sont seulement soupçonnés, des faits attentatoires à la sécurité publique, aussitôt enfermés, aussitôt oubliés ?
Text by: Alain Wiame, Delphine Paci, Dan Kaminski, Philippe Mary

Publisher: Husson (2006)
142 pages
ISBN :978-2916249094   

Avoir 20 ans à Kaboul

Collection "Avoir 20 ans"
Depuis l'invasion soviétique, en décembre 1979, de ce petit territoire à peine plus étendu que la France, l'Afghanistan n'a connu que la guerre. Alors, avoir 20 ans à Kaboul, c'est d'abord avoir eu la chance de survivre... au Jihad contre les Soviétiques, à la guerre civile, à la folie meurtrière des Talibans, aux frappes américaines. Avoir 20 ans à Kaboul, c'est avoir passé la totalité de sa vie concentré de toute son âme et de toutes ses forces à la réalisation de ce seul objectif : survivre. Aujourd'hui, même si à Kaboul ce n'est pas encore la paix, ce n'est déjà plus la guerre. Et quand on a vingt ans, on n'a que ce seul désir : vivre. Tout simplement
Text by: Assef Soltanzadeh, Jean-Marie Montali

Publisher: Alternatives (2004)
Size: 18x24 cm
ISBN :286227395   


Collection Photo poche - Société
La tuberculose, le sida, on sait. Mais qui connaît l'onchocercose, cette cécité des rivières, transmise à l'homme par une mouche noire qui vit près des cours d'eau ? Pourtant, en Afrique occidentale, 18 millions d'individus en sont atteints. Handicapés physiques, improductifs, ces aveugles sont mis au ban de la société. Depuis peu, ils s'organisent en coopératives et parviennent à survivre. Ce sont ces lieux d'entraide que Gaël Turine montre ici. Ses images sont d'une sobre vérité. Il dénonce la détresse. Il veut dire l'espoir.
Text by: Alain D'Hooghe

Publisher: Actes Sud (2001)
134 pages
Size: 12,5x19 cm
ISBN :2097542778   

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