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Agence VU - Pia Elizondo
Pia Elizondo

Pia Belizondo is from Mexico but she lives in France since 2003.
She is a self-taught photographer, and she has already taken part in many personal and collective exhibitions, in France, in Spain, in Mexico, in the United States (Fotofest) and in South America ( Brazil, Columbia , Puerto Rico, Bolivia).

She published in 1997 the book « Primer cuadro ».
She has won the Mexico City Sistema Nacional de Creadores Grant three times and has worked as a photography teacher in Mexico and in Arles, where she hosted a pinhole workshop.

Her work entered the French National Collection for Contemporary Art, and has been shown at the Flaere Gallery (London), the Galeria LMI (Mexico City) and in Neg-Pos (Nîmes).

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Entre Deux (2009)

It is always the same question : Where are you going, what do you want to say ? I never really know. My work is made of time, of old memory flash-backs and of an unshakeable trust in my intuition. I like to let the viewer wonder, with the same material, as facing a mirror or reading a poem. What’s the use of answering his all questions, showing a way, knocking him down here or there once and for all ? Isn’t it more interesting, for the viewer as for the photographer, to take up photography as a journey ? A journey that could tell us it truth while travelling, and whose only aim would be vague and personal ? « In between » is a journey from the center to the geographical and...

Mexico, Mar (2007)

Sea of time, water and light, ominous and fateful. Wide sea calling and living on a single gulp and thousand sighs. Sea of origin and death. Sea. I take pictures of the seaside as a place full of paradoxes. There, all the sensual pleasures join the most terrible torments of mind. There is the eternity of a one-puff life, and the fear of infinity. There, the beginning; the end, the consciousness of being and the one of impermanence.

Mexico, Jugla de asfalto (1998)

This portfolio was realized at Mexico City’s zoo between 1996 and 1998. At this time, I worked on Mexico City and its inhabitants. Thus, these animals are inhabitants too, and I photographed them as such. I intentionally used vignetting on the pictures’ borders. It made me think of these hunters’ rifles with telescopic sight. To take pictures is kind of a predation action. Wasn’t I satisfying this human craving for slaughter, without the unpleasant consequences of guilt?


The Fall (Paris)
From 2017-10-27 to 2018-01-27

« The Web is overwhelmed by images that relate the fall of Alep. I watch over and over, submerged by this profusion of images tinted by an exceptional and spectacular violence. How to give a sens to these pictures which, on one side absorb us in the battle (new point of views, new ways to be in the war) and on the other side, screen on screen, device on device, put a distance that let us offside, out of war issues.\"

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