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Frank Loriou

Born in 1966 in Britain, Frank Loriou lives and works in Paris.

Specializing in musical publishing, he has been designing sleeves and posters for Yann Tiersen, Jean-Louis Murat, Dominique A, JP Nataf, Peter von Poehl, Alexis HK, Mina Tindle, etc

He has been developing personal photographic works based on daily life ( Outta Season) childhood ( Smallville), the animal condition (The Wild Life), and nature (Birdland).

In 2009 Frank Loriou published a photographic book titled "All is calm," a photographic journal of his obsessions: emptiness, absence, traces, insignificance, memory ... An exhibition from this book has been released by the Fnac Galleries in 2010.

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Night Time (2012)

Days are too short, and too much lighted. Remains the night to live in peace of stolen hours, to life or death, who knows... hope and despair cross at night, lost illusions to come, the night is building the best and worse.

Birdland (2009)

I tried to translate the primitive feeling we get when we are stricken by a virgin landscape, as rude, majestic and powerful it can be. As I had the feeling I was successively an insect, the first man on earth, or an eagle during these brief moments, I like the feeling I didn't loose this sort of fusion with the elements, as the traces of my deep origins.

Everything's Calm (2008)

In 2008, Frank Loriou has been working all the year long for his photographic noteboook. He collected his obsessions : emptiness, absence, opacity, traces, insignificance of doors and windows, flower pots and cars, shadows on walls, even the chimney on the roof of the house he grew up in.

Smallville (2008)

Childhood is a white zone I like to photograph. Spontaneity and severity of these early years are fascinating: the traces of the adult in them, like the child in ourselves, are winding and tender paths, fierce and exciting.

Wild Life (2008)

Through these pictures, Frank Loriou questions with complete freedom and poetry the animal condition in our environment. Looking for wilderness and wounded freedom, Frank Loriou was stricken by the destiny for each of these animals, and has paid tribute to their early nature through this weird and tragic bestiary where we see them domesticated, enslaved, restrained, conditioned, labeled, placed in unnatural worlds...


Tout est calme

Frank Loriou s’est attelé tout au long de l’année 2008 à un journal photographique quotidien.
Il y a collectionné toutes ses obsessions photographiques : le vide, l'absence, l'opaque, les traces, l'insignifiant, des portes et fenêtres,
pots de fleurs, voitures, ombres sur les murs, et jusqu'à la cheminée de son enfance.
Il a ensuite revisité ce corpus d’images pour en présenter l’essence à travers cet ouvrage.
Text by: Arnaud Le Guilcher

Publisher: Frank Loriou (2009)
64 pages
ISBN :978-2-9535625-0-7   

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