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Agence VU - Vincent Catala
Vincent Catala

French photographer, member of Agence VU’ since 2014, lives and works mainly in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Vincent Catala graduated in 2000 with a Master's degree in Intellectual Property (McGill University, Canada), and trained as a self-taught photographer before establishing as a professional in 2006. Wether in his documentary series, architecture photographs or portraits, he unveils the individual's relationships to his environment and, by contextualizing them, gives an account of their subjective representations: solitude, freedom, presence in the world...

Interested in the long-term approach to specific territories, both defined and opaque, his work gives us insight into different representations of the world and and to the idea of universality that is played out through encounters and a given geography. Thus the margins of the anonymous and globalised city - in his case Rio de Janeiro, the "Invisible City", where he has settled: a 5-year project that he completes in 2019 and after which he moved to Sao Paulo.

In parallel with his personal work, he responds to public and/or private commissions related to urban planning and architecture, in Brazil or Europe. He also realizes portraits (in particular figures of the Brazilian cultural and even underground life) or series about life in Brazil for the French and international press ( "Pernambuco, polygon of dryness"; "Recife, epicenter of the Zika virus" ; Rio's real estate program "Minha Casa, Mihna Vida »…)

His work is also regularly exhibited in Paris, Amman, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Tbilisi, Braga, and has won numerous awards. In January 2015 it was added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (MAM/RJ).

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Rio, Ville invisible (2013-2018) (2018)

For the past five years I have lived in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro – a grey, empty, silent urban environment, in direct contrast to the clichés commonly associated with the city, as far from the favelas as from the tourist haunts, 50km from Copacabana. This immense space is never on display and yet it is here that most of Rio’s inhabitants live. It is useless to try and find a logic, a pilot plan, a backbone. The center/periphery dichotomy is tempting but ineffective because this is the city itself, not its suburbs. What is left of a city when the representations that define it are erased? There are giant wastelands, stretches of highways, scattered residential buildings that...

Rio de Janeiro, « Minha Casa, Minha Vida » (2016)

In Rio de Janeiro, Vincent Catala meets men and women who benefited from « Minha Casa, Minha Vida » program. They are 2.6 millions of Brazilians who was proposed to abandoned their houses in the favelas to join newly built housing estate and find the road out of their misery. But, in Rio, host city for the Olympics Games, the issue differs. Most of the relocated was evicted from the favelas which had to be razed for the required Olympics infrastructures. For many of them, the hope to get out poverty thanks to this national program has been fleeting. The housings are new, but construction defects are already appearing, and some appartments had to be renovated. Nethertheless, more than...

Ribeirao Preto, the city of the French football team (2014)

The French football team will settle in Ribeirao Preto –located an hour’s flight from Rio and Sao Paulo- during the Brazilian World Football Cup. After the splendor of the South African resort of Knysna, where the French football players organized a strike during the training, before getting out of the competition in the group phase, the JP Hotel of Ribeirao Preto makes amends. However, the 2014 base camp of the French team -without being ostentatious- has all the amenities required for football stars: spacious rooms, swimming pools and private training room. A week before the arrival of the French delegation, Vincent Catala had access to the JP Hotel, and the stadium of Botafogo...

N.N.I.P.A.S. (2014)

N.N.I.P.A.S (Nous N’Irions Pas Si) is the result of a collaboration between three photographers, an illustrator and a writer. The project is simple: during a couple of days, we confront ourselves to a place -usually a city- where we would not have gone if we had not been together and if a master of ceremony hadn't imposed us to go. The ambition of N.N.I.P.A.S. is to deliver an interpretation of this place by providing a visual, graphic, textual and sonorous universe, created from situations experienced by the participants; to bring up a world by combining different media and materials of expression within a collective creation. These situations shape the stories' organization in...


From 2016-04-01 to 2016-05-22

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Night(s) (Mougins)
From 2015-02-15 to 2015-05-18

Night(s) is an collective exhibition dedicated to nocturnal ambiences, where the moonlight meets the parisian worldliness and installations of the CIA in Berlin. Vincent Catala presents his work \"Jane at nightfall\", the evocation of mysterious disappearances in the back alleys of Rio. \'\'Rio de Janeiro, 2008. I meet Jane, prostitute, who accepts that I follow her, that I share her nights with her : blind little streets, motels full of fuzzy whisperings, fleeting meetings suddenly emerging from the darkness and vanishing short after. One year later, when I come back to Rio, she has...

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