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Ferhat Bouda

He obviously belongs to a tradition relates to documentary photography, narrative, essay and commitment. Testifying, 'making visibe', preferably balck and white, using the time to go far beyond the appearances, getting into in order to show respect for people he represents and to give keys to understanding comprehensively things not boilled down to pure anecdote ; those are the bases of his long-term surveys.
In his native Kabylie, as well as alongside Azawad activits with whom he shares above all the same culture, and even in Germany who he lives, he attaches great importance to people, gazes and attitudes. He endeavours to figure out situations and tries to share with us those complex spheres very hard to grasp or too often hidden by clichés and stereotypes.

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Berbers in Morocco, resisting and defending their culture (2017)

The Berbers or Amazigh people (i.e. free people) are the oldest inhabitants of North Africa. For thousands of years they have been living on a vast expanse of land stretching from the Atlantic coast of Morocco to Siwa Oasis in Egypt. They have their own language and cultural traditions, but their identity is under threat. They do not aspire to nationhood; some are nomadic, some are sedentary; there are Muslims, Christians and Jews. But leaders in North Africa suspect them of being heretics, and have oppressed them, breaking up communities, assimilating them and sometimes persecuting them. Every day their life is a bid to safeguard their identity. Most Berbers are in Morocco, so I went...

Oran, in the footsteps of Kamel Daoud (2015)

n the city of Oran, the photographer Ferhat Bouda has met the Algerian intellectual and journalist Kamel Daoud. The latter confides about Algeria and “the Radiant City”. Between the man and the town, an astonishing proximity is forged. “To be Algerian is to be schizophrenic”. Kamel Daoud uses these words to describe his feelings concerning his nation, Algeria. Journalist for Le Quotidien d'Oran with his twelve years old column untitled “Raïana Rakoum” (“My opinion, Your opinion”), Kamel Daoud symbolizes freedom of speech in his country. Defender of individual freedom, the intellectual collides with radical muslims who claimed in December 2014 a fatwa against him....

In the Jurjura Range, after the death of Hervé Gourdel (2014)

Fehrat Bouda has travelled across the Jurjura Range where the French Hervé Gourdel has been executed by jihadists on September 14, 2014. This range located in Algeria in the Kabyle area has craggy peaks above plunging valleys and narrow trails along high cliffs, very attracting for such a qualified mountaineer as Hervé Gourdel. His tragical end reminds of the local insecurity. Isolation and deep reliefs covered by caves and forests made these mountains perfect refuge for armed islamist groups such as Jund al-Khilafa (“Soldiers of Caliphate”), a group derived from AQIM, recently joined with Daech and executioners of the French hostage. The photograph met those who have decided to...

Northern Mali, with the MNLA soldiers (2014)

Fehrat Bouda followed the insurgents tuaregs in their fiefdom: Kidal region, in northern Mali, 1200 kilometers from Bamako. Exceptionally he has shared the Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA in french) members' daily life: new recruits training, positions securing and, for the first time in the movement history, the total management of several cities and villages (Kidal, In Khalil, Tessalit etc.) The area, under the pro-independence tuaregs control stays extremely dangerous with the presence of drug traffickers and jihadists from Ansar Dine in the field. Real powder keg, calm is not about to come back in Kidal, saturday 20 July, when they were preparing the first round of the...

Libyan Berber's fighting

Ferhat Bouda has documented Berber people enlistment in the Libyan civil war. In the field between October and December 2011, he bears witness of the conflict at its climax, at its swing point. Besides rebellious offensive, he reports led military prolongations after the death of the Colonel Kadhafi. Since Mouammar Kadhafi's “coup d'Etat” in 1969, Berber culture in Libya has been jeopardized. Wishing a pan-arabization, the “Rais” has tried to erase traditions and cultural practices which shape Berbers identity. Not accepted language, forfeited grounds, impossible promotion in Administration or Army and low-ranking employment make Libyan Berber people discriminate, even...


Cahier 2003-2016

Ferhat Bouda s’inscrit clairement dans une tradition de la photographie documentaire, de la narration, de l’essai et de l’engagement. Témoigner, donner à voir, de préférence en noir et blanc, pactiser avec le temps pour aller au-delà des apparences, se faire accepter pour à la fois respecter ceux qu’il représente et livrer des clés qui dépassent l’anecdote, telles sont les bases de ses enquêtes au long cours.
Chez lui, en Kabylie, tout comme auprès des militants de l’Azawad avec lesquels il entretient d’abord une proximité culturelle ou en Allemagne où il est basé, il s’attache aux gens, au regards, aux attitudes. Il tente de décrypter les situations et de nous partager avec nous ces univers complexes souvent difficiles à approcher ou, trop souvent, dissimulés par des clichés et des stéréotypes.
Ferhat Bouda s ’intéresse principalement aux minorités : des Berbères aux peuples nomades comme les Touaregs, les Mongols.

Cahier est une collection de carnets de travail édités en fac-similé, dirigée par Zoème à Marseille

Publisher: Filigranes Editions (2017)
64 pages
Size: 14x21 cm  


    2016 - Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Award 2016


Berbers in Morocco, resisting and defending their culture (Perpignan)
From 2017-09-02 to 2017-09-17

Winner of the 2016 Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Award supported by LaScam “Culture is not just a legacy inherited, it is also a vision that is accepted.” Mouloud Mammeri (Kabyle writer, anthropologist and linguist) The Berbers or Amazigh people (i.e. free people) are the oldest inhabitants of North Africa. For thousands of years they have been living on a vast expanse of land stretching from the Atlantic coast of Morocco to Siwa Oasis in Egypt. They have their own language and cultural traditions, but their identity is under threat. They do not aspire to nationhood; some are nomadic,...

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Tamurt (Carcanières)
From 2017-07-10 to 2017-11-04

En langue berbère, Tamurt signifie le pays. \"La Kabylie, région berbère située au nord de l’Algérie est aussi le pays où je suis né. Depuis que je suis parti de mon village, mes souvenirs ne m’ont plus quitté. J’y ai passé une enfance plutôt heureuse comme tous les enfants de ma génération, un lieu où les habitants n’étaient ni pauvres ni riches. Ces dernières années, j’y suis retourné à plusieurs reprises dans l’espoir de retrouver la quiétude du pays de mon enfance. Malheureusement la haine et la terreur y règnent. La vie communautaire a laissé...

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