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Agence VU - Nolwenn Brod
Nolwenn Brod

French photographer born in 1985, member of Agence VU', represented by Galerie VU', lives and works mainly in Paris.

Graduated from Ecole des Gobelins (Paris), Nolwenn Brod develops photography as an elective affinity with the people and landscapes she encounters. Both documentary and plastic, her work is based on the relationship between reality and fiction, the interplay between the expected and the unexpected, even the absurd.

"Everything starts from a desire to explore the dimension of the encounter, where the main source of inspiration is that of enthusiasm experienced as a flow allowing associations between external and internal horizons. My photographs describe the ambivalence of man's relationship to his own forms: his way of being, feeling, thinking, speaking, acting, with his own culture, ideas, convictions; the way in which his affects manifest themselves towards the outside."

Nolwenn Brod develops her personal projects during creative residencies; she also responds to Cartes blanches for institutions and assignments for Press. Her works are exhibited in France and Europe, and appear in the collections of the Nicéphore Niépce Museum, the Villa Noailles, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the CNAP, and art libraries.

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Elective Affinities (2018)

La Ritournelle (2016)

work in progress, since 2015. La Ritournelle comes from music, returns to circular songs, to the movement of back and forth on the same theme, to the idea of always returning to the beginning. After living for several years in an important city, Marie and Jean with their child, settled in a village in France. This deterritorialization initiates the action. They have not fled but have fled from the lines of flight to produce new ones, to apprehend a new territory. Their activities are undeniably linked to contemporary theater, to those of the family, to the work undertaken in the house that evolves through the seasons, to their passage from one environment to another, from one becoming...

Even a mare horse is a kind of man (2015)

« Even a mare horse is a kind of man ». (Light in August, William Faulkner) In the street opposite me I notice a little boy dressed from head to foot in denim, with a belt with a large buckle trightened around his waist. “You look like a little cowboy who has lost his hat”. Diego smiles shyly, long eyelashes weighing down his melancholic blue eyes like Charley Toorop’s characters. I walk with him to his father’s. We reach his father’s. A dog endlessly barks, the type of oedipal dog that encourages us to regress, no-one tells it to be quiet. Diego most likely takes after his mother, he is dressed like his father. The formidable man with a bent back settles in the only armchair in the...

Wrestling at dusk (2014)

Frame from the short film "Lutte au Crépuscule".

Ar Gouren, and other visions (2014)

In this series devoted to Gouren, a form of wrestling practiced in Brittany since the 4th century, Nolwenn Brod studies age-old memory. By photographing and filming these young wrestlers at dusk, she alludes to immemorial traditions through the flesh, the movement, the power of the bosies and the landscapes, provides an elegant and sensitive interpretation of Breton identity. In parallel but without being lured into citing images, a great iconographic tradition is reflected delineating the history of art, of the wrestlers like the depiction of the biblical episode Jacob and the Angel by Paul Gauguin, Maurice Denis, Rembrandt. In these slow choregraphies, sacred and pagan confrontations...

Go on and lose me wherever you'd like (2011)

I followed the chronological and geographical thread of the path of my father who passed away several years ago in Ireland, in order to regain his ground. Fate leaves a trail along the way, it is the only way of becoming acquainted with its arbitrary nature. The vestiges of an order appear in the days that are all of a blur, appearing to mysteriously govern me and give me unexpected repercussions. The title refers to a poem by Nicolas Bouvier, The Point of No Return, published for the first time in 1982 in the collection Outside and Inside: ‘Life was so disorientating and great / That you said or rather murmured ‘Go losing me wherever you want’ / The waves retorted, ‘you will not believe...


From 2020-09-11 to 2021-01-10

For its 4th edition around the theme \"This is the end\", the Biennale de Photographie de Mulhouse proposes, within the exhibition \"Ce noir tout autour qui semble nous cerner\" at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, \"Le Temps de l\'immaturité\", a series in progress by Nolwenn Brod. This project, initiated in 2018, offers a contemporary interpretation of the first eponymous book by Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz: Nolwenn Brod paints the portrait of a Polish youth whose bodies are caught up in the discomfort of political, social, relational, or introspective tensions...

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Les Combattantes (Villepinte)
From 2019-11-26 to 2020-01-31

En partenariat avec le Centre Social André-Malraux de Villepinte, le Centre culturel Joseph-Kessel expose \"Les Combattantes\", série réalisée en résidence de création par Nolwenn Brod. « Invitée au Centre Social André Malraux à Villepinte, je me rends compte qu’une majorité de femmes s’y réunit. Ce qui les lie entre elles, au delà de leurs origines, leurs cultures, leurs parcours, leurs convictions, c’est la maternité. Lors de mes passages au sein des différentes antennes du Centre et de leurs ateliers, je fais alors la connaissance de certaines de ces femmes de tous âges, de tous...

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Devenirs (Nantes)
From 2019-05-04 to 2019-06-22

Ainsi sont-ils \"Les jeux sont faits. Dans des cadres de bois aux formats variables s’entrechoquent des fragments de vies ; des vies précises et timides et cachées : celles qui peuplent les zones oubliées d’un territoire épars, celles qui s’affirment derrière les murs épais d’une maison dans la Creuse, celles qui respirent dans des champs vert-tendre-blond-brulé qui bordent les villes. Nolwenn Brod découpe consciencieusement ces vies, elle les articule dans ce qui s’offre non comme un panorama d’une France muette, mais comme la chair d’un corps déterminé, gorgé de récits, de désirs et de...

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La ritournelle (Paris)
From 2017-09-15 to 2017-10-21

Le point de départ de La ritournelle, c’est un homme, une femme et leur territoire amoureux, social et professionnel, bouleversés par un changement de lieu (le couple a quitté une grande ville pour s’installer à la campagne) et la naissance d’un enfant. Nolwenn Brod leur rend visite régulièrement depuis plus de deux ans. Elle observe, sans vraiment en rendre compte mais plutôt en rendant palpables, les tensions, les variations des sentiments, des paysages, des saisons. L’homme, l’animal, le végétal et le minéral se confondent et se répondent. Se côtoient un sein où perle une goutte de...

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La Ritournelle (Hyères)
From 2017-04-27 to 2017-05-24

The series La Ritournelle is presented at the Villa Noailles, as part of the festival de Mode & Photographie of Hyeres. La Ritournelle comes from music, returns to circular songs, to the movement of back and forth on the same theme, to the idea of always returning to the beginning. After living for several years in an important city, Marie and Jean with their child, settled in a village in France. This deterritorialization initiates the action. They have not fled but have fled from the lines of flight to produce new ones, to apprehend a new territory.

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Devenirs (Toulouse)
From 2017-03-09 to 2017-04-30

Un certain Chant d’Amour « Rien ne nous manque jamais que la foi des visionnaires et le don du visage : si nous pouvions seulement, ne serait-ce qu’une fois, céder au mystère de l’apparition – si nous pouvions oser ce geste mystique et fou : croire nos yeux. » Camille Laurens in Cet absent-là Ce sont des paysages camouflés en portraits. A moins que ce ne soit l’inverse. Depuis les terres celtes d’une Irlande verdoyante ou d’une Bretagne sempiternelle, la végétation se meut en formes immatérielles. Presque de la ouate paysagère qu’une tradition du jardin d’Eden chez Nicolas Poussin...

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