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Agence VU - Monika Macdonald
Monika Macdonald

Monika Macdonald was born in 1969 in Sweden. She moved to Stockholm where she studied photography after graduation.

In 2001 she settled in London and worked as a freelancer, primarily making reportage for newspapers and magazines. She returned to Sweden in 2007 and ever since has focused on working on self initiated projects.

In her thick photographs, plenty of souls and flesh, inhabited by strength and vulnerability, Monika Macdonald breathes an unusual eroticism into photography that provokes a vision of interiority rather than fantasy. They invite us to observe moments of abandonment as well as introspection where distant (and yet concrete) beings are grasped in their daily lives as desiring subjects rather than objects of desire. Here the intimate is suggested, and something of the neglected order of existence surfaces. Monika Macdonald shows what remains in the absence, the flesh of everyday life: meeting, abandonment, taste for solitude... The bewitchment of her images lets us penetrate beyond the visible and glimpse this intimacy that is usually killed.
"I don't like the idea of taking pictures that much. But I always come back to it. There are no words to describe the feeling of being close to something. That's why I keep going. I oscillate between different worlds to which I try to link myself. My images are memories. To access a sense of loneliness and vulnerability. To be admitted beyond reason, far from what is called reality."

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In Absence (2018)

The headlights cut through the darkness, we are on our way. Away from the everyday, away from the daily grind, perhaps away from ourselves, for a while. To what? Or whom Perhaps we don’t know. Towards something else; that’s what matters. How to live your life, and for whom? It’s a universal question, but as the years pile up I often think that it’s extra complicated for women. Historically, we live in emancipated times: in Sweden, women are free to do whatever they want with their lives. Having said that, being a woman means constantly navigating the intricate system of norms and expectations that permeates the time in which we live. Breaking the norms has become the norm, but you have...


In Absence

"I don't like the idea of taking pictures very much. But I keep coming back to that. This feeling of getting close to things for which there are no words. That's why I keep going. I balance between different worlds and try to build a relationship with them. My pictures are memories. To gain access to the feeling of loneliness and vulnerability. To be let into the realms beyond reason, far from what is called reality." (Monika Macdonald) The women portrayed in In Absence have one thing in common: their lonely search for belonging - to something or to someone. This autobiographical report, which is also a psychological and intimate reflection, runs through the pictures like a red thread. Women are soul mates, in their hesitation and insecurity, in their longing for some form of love. In Absence comes from motherhood - without necessarily being part of a maternal world. Monika Macdonald (*1969) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag (2016)
72 pages
Size: 22 x 28 cm  


    2017 - Swedish Arts Grants Committee's one year grant

    2016 - IASPIS Swedish Arts Grants Committee´s International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists

    2016 - Foundation King Gustav VI Adolf for Swedish Culture's Award

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