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David Sauveur

Born in 1974 in Dinard. Lives in Paris.

David Sauveur splits his time between his desire to witness the chaos of our world and his more artistic projects on scenery and cities. He simultaneously works on projects differing considerably in subject-matter and risks that nonetheless share common themes and explore the function of photography. In Palestine he began to learn news photography and understand how to form narratives out of complex settings and events. In Brittany and then Jerusalem, he worked with a Polaroid camera to create small, sensible squares exploring places that seems frozen in time. The work as a whole offers a unique approach to scenery and topples conventional perception of urban landscapes.

Overall, color is at the heart of his subjects and guides his composition. It serves as an element of realism in his reporting, particularly in his landscapes, and produces a subtle sensation of distance, bordering absence, and facing the fragility of the world. In addition, his projects acknowledge social matters such as the conditions of France's urban youth, or subjects of international importance.

In 2000 FNAC awarded him the “Attention Talent” Award. He also received awards at the International “Biarritz Terre d'Images” Festival in 2001, the Masterclass World Press Photo in 2004 and the Grand Award at the International Scoop and Journalism Festival in Angers in 2006.

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Libya unrest (2011)

Once upon a time there was a revolution… It is the story of a people delving into war, the moment they chose to take arms against their tyrant to defend their freedom. Workers, students, university professors, engineers, fathers, taxi drivers: people like you and me who have chosen to go beyond the point of no return and become an army themselves. “Now it’s him or us! We know that Gaddafi will be merciless if we lose the battle…” The protesters in Libya realize that they don’t have any other option but courage when faced with the violence of a bloody dictatorship that is ready to shoot at people, and who is already guilty for the death of thousands of civilians. An army of volunteers...

Unamed, France (2011)

The Tao we try to reach is not the Tao itself the name that is namable is not its eternal name Unnamed, it represents the origin of universe; with a name, it represents the mother of all beings. Throught non-being, we can guess its secret; Throught being we can approach its access. Non-being an being coming from the same origin, are just different by name. Obscurity is the name if this origin. Deepening this obscurity; This is the gate of all wonders Lao-Tsu Tao Te Ching

Snow, France (2011)

The Sky disintegrates and turns into dust The Big Earth becomes quiet and no one can see it The dried tree suddenly makes its only flower come into bloom Calling again for a spring beyond history Daïchi instructions to samourai Kikuchi Under the snow

Pop Life (2010)

When a naked Boby Lapointe, in his bath, meets the like of an androgynous Allandin-Sane-era David Bowie, that's because photographer David Sauveur is playing with his own musical references. In a true tribute to the vinyl disc object, he amuses himself to imagine what's happening out of the frame of these albums' photographs, offering very personal proposals.

Brussels, Belgium (2010)

Photographer David Sauveur’s peregrinations in the streets of Belgian capital. Brussels the French-speacking, located beyond the Flemish border, that splits the little kingdom each day a little more, is also the centre of European Union. But for David Sauveur, it’s above all the birthplace of the Belgian comic strips, a reference that marks his imaginary and his photographic aesthetic.

Egypt, Port Said (2010)

This is the entrance of the Suez Canal. A seaside still bursting with nostalgia. Port Said is a historic city. And so is Port Fouad, "the opposite town" which can be reached by an old tank painted a thousand times (in green). Port Saïd is a colorful place: the color of winds tinted by sand carrying the dust of the Middle East to the Mediterranean area. The air in December is still mild. On the promenade overlooking the small fishing port, young people meet for a stroll, a time for some winks, story of flirting with some girls at the turn of a soccer game with the boys. With mannerly looks, and with all what seems necessary to a Muslim country, we kindly chat up … In its peculiar...

Greece's riots (2008)

Demonstrations Alexis Grigoropoulos’ death, killed by the police. Fights between police forces and youth happened in Athens, Rhodes, and Salonique. In the capital, the most virulent young people are gathered in Polytechnique University, surrounded by policemen.

Palestine, Everything's normal (2008)

«Everything’s ok» according to dispatches. No major events on the field except Gaza has become a prohibited area, a giant prisoners camp where journalists, diplomats, and humanitarian people need to beg for the unobtainable permit allowed in the «only Middle-East’s democracy»... What about the West Bank? «Not much», told me the managers of major news agencies in Jerusalem. From the start, I see the wall growing, Palestine that suffocates the broken lives of people living «on the other side», which devours concrete fields of olive trees, soldiers everywhere, check points, cameras, roadblocks, settlements, flags. Nothing is normal in Palestine. Nothing is normal in Palestine. We became...

YOU(?)TH (Rennes Rock'Roll) (2008)

Exhibition from March 27th to April 26th 2008 Galerie d'exposition du 4 bis Cours des Alliés Rennes / France

Teknival, Rennes, France (2006)

Every year, off the Transmusicales festival in Rennes is organized a Teknival. Kind of a fringe event dedicated to electronic music, it is a very important gathering. Through this story, David Sauveur makes us live a whole night through a rave party : the red lights of the spotlights, and the crowd that gathers in front of the loudspeakers. Then, the sun rises, we cross a muddy land where are stacked a bunch of cars. And the sun is reflecting in the puddles, for the biggest thrill of the photographer.

Afghanistan, Hazarajat (2006)

Gone to Afghanistan with ACF in November 2006, on the land of the Hazaras, David Sauveur came back with a series done with a Polaroid. Ochre landscapes risen by materials colours, the white of the snowy mountains… the photographic construction is passing through shades that textures order our eyes to delimit.

W National Park of Niger (2003)

Its name is due to the shape of the Niger River which is like the letter. The western park is crossed by the Tapoa and the Mekrou, tributaries of the third River of Africa. There is a varied wildlife, from baobabs to bamboos, baboons and antelopes. Unesco world heritage, the park is huge and located in 3 countries, Niger, Benin and Burkina Faso.

Sierra Leone (2002)

After 11 years of conflict, Sierra Leone was teared up by civil war that ended up, on January 18, 2002. David Sauveur went to This wretched country to follow the homecoming of refugees to their land. Poverty is present everywhere in this country where children are still working in the mines to extract the “blood diamonds”.

Pyrénées-Atlantiques, South West of France

A few Polaroid snapshots of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region, South West of France.


To the last path. This is what is written, in english, arabic and hebrew on a road sign at the south-west of the old town of Jerusalem, on the edge of the Kidron valley. This road sign indicates the way to the Olive trees Hill where started the apocalypse. Jerusalem is suspended, like all of us, between the beginning and the end of times. This is where it all began and where it all must end. One legend says that the stone under the dome would be the first one created by God and the place of alliance. The place where Abraham brought his son for sacrifice. Between the walls of Suleyman the Magnificent sits a city out of time. Jerusalem, constantly overwhelmed...

Sao Tome & Principe, Gabon

It's a small archipelago, right on the Equator line, off the Gabonese coasts. Sao Tome & Principe is the smallest state of Africa, with a little less than 300,000 inhabitants. It used to be a virgin state until the Portuguese arrived in the 15th century. Benefiting from its advantageous position on sea routes from that period, the Portuguese decided to create a trading post there, settling colonists and bringing slaves from Africa. The island developed around its plantations: sugar cane, then coffee and cocoa. Constructed to be autonomous, plantations have the infrastructure necessary for the survival of settlers and their slaves: housing, hospitals, schools ... However, life was very...

The Hazaras in Afghanistan

David Sauveur went to Afghanistan in November 2006 with Action Against Hunger, who set up a humanitarian program to help the Hazaras. This ethnic minority, victim of discriminations because Shiite and not Sunni like all the other Afghan ethnic groups, has been particularly persecuted under the Taliban regime. David Sauveur first went to their country, the Hazaradjat, the high valleys in the centre of Afghanistan, and then to Kabul, in the brickyard district where the Hazaras live, excluded from the economic boom which started in the capital after the fall of the Taliban.

Kabul Traffic jam

Unknown country from the Western world before the Russian invasion of the 1990s, and still unknown by many before the arrival of the Americans in 2001, Afghanistan is puzzled. Puzzled by the international geopolitic, by the religion and puzzled by the opium trafic.

The Balkans

Bosnia, Croatia The second World War ended up with a pact that splitted the different influence zones between East and West. The Balkans appear today as one of the biggest losers in this decision. Today, still marked by their past, and disturbed by revendications of the separatists, the Balkanic countries are looking for a place in Europe and in the World the best way as they can.

Palestine, a statement

Photographed with a panoramic lens in a treatment where the colours are pushed up, this photograhic series attempts to assess the statement. In the historic sense, telling Palestine and its relationship to Israel is actually the epops. In an aesthetic sense, each of these photographs becomes a real fresco: with stretched compositions, yet where every detail is treated with a certain meticulousness.

War in Lebanon

In 2006, Lebanon was under Israeli attacks as this latter wanted to flush out this country just out of long years of civil war. Between fatalism and horror revival, David Sauveur walked through the town and fixed urban landscapes that have become lunar.


    2006 - Jean-Louis Calderon Award

    2004 - World Press Photo Materclass Award

    2001 - The Pyrenees Atlantic region Award

    2000 - "Attention Talent" Award assigned by FNAC


Jerusalem, to the last path / Travelling festival (Rennes)
From 2009-01-31 to 2009-02-21

To the last path. This is what is written, in english, arabic and hebrew on a road sign at the south-west of the old town of Jerusalem, on the edge of the Kidron valley. This road sign gives the way to the Olive trees Hill where started the apocalypse. Jerusalem is suspended, as all of us, between the beginning and the end of times. This place would be where everything began and where everything will end. One legend says that the stone under the dome would be the first one created by God and the place of alliance. This is the place where Abraham brought his son for the sacrifice. There is a...

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YOU(?)TH (Rennes)
From 2008-03-27 to 2008-04-26

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