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Agence VU - Agnès Bonnot
Agnès Bonnot

After being a model, a comedian, and a horse stuntwoman, Agnès Bonnot decided to start her photographic career near the age of 30. She joined Agence VU in 1986, and the following year she received the well-known Niepce Prize.

Her first pictures capture her passion for horses and quickly garnered attention in both the publishing world and exhibitions. She started a long collaboration with the daily paper, Libération, doing numerous stories on horses, fashion shows, and portraits of writers, artists and choreographers. Additional stories have focused on Tunisia and Russia.

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Paris Opera house (1988)

Horses, France (1985)

Through Black and White pictures and square format, the envy of framing and creating movement inside the square, she manages to balance the natural rigidity. Her horses, like any photographic "object" become the pretext. In the reality of the racecourses, of stalls and pastures, of riding schools or stables, they lends themselves to photography in all games. At portrait first, with nothing more than a psychological approach and a lot of affection. Their attention moves from sadness to a haughty nobility. The pupil dropped a hint of questioning in the sensuality of a move, or pierced the hood with the round of an eye which told about his determination. Moved and moving portraits,...


La mode, une nouvelle génération

Publisher: Fondation Cartier (2002)


Publisher: Maison de la culture (1986)

Chevaux, photographies

Agnès Bonnot s'attache à la perfection de formes données par la nature et polies par la brosse. Elle se laisse parfois aller, à cause encore des formes, au cadrages des éléments d'un manège, sculptures en cuir dans l'espace où l'on tourne, pour une vision quelque peu médiévale, simplement étonnée de la beauté d'un objet ou d'un poitrail.
Christian Caujolle
Text by: Christian Caujolle

Publisher: Hazan (1985)
70 pages
ISBN :2-85025-085-6   

Cambrésis textile

Any attempt to ally Art and Industry would seem like a formidable challenge. This book is living to testimony to the fact that art can be translated into industrial expertise, particularly in the clothing materials sector.
Jack Lang
Text by: Christian Caujolle, Jacques Duquesne et Jack Lang

Publisher: Premier janvier
48 pages


    1987 - Nièpce Award

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