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Tschumi Acropolis, Greece

View of the Acropolis Museum in Athens, built by the architect Bernard Tschumi.

The Greek light marks the time passing through the day and makes a giant sundial of the Acropolis Museum; it was the initial intuition of this photographic series.

The contrast marked by the black and white and the shadows, the passer-by, the tourists, the amateur photographers. The daily life on the museums terrace and the Athenian people who look like runaway and pictorial figures in the morning light. And the shadow of the photographer and his tripod. All those things had to fill out this series.

But what I couldnt imagine, following this light swivel thread, is that the interior of the museum has refuted my proposal in a brilliant way. This reveals a place where the time stands still in the eternity of the masterpieces of the collection, thanks to a perfectly subdued daylight.

When the transient time of the shooing is over, there is just the contemplation of an object out of the time, ideal double of the Parthenon near by.

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