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Atras del Muro, Colombia

The untamed Neros agreed to take part in a photo session organised like a fashion show. If I chose to have my models pose behind a wall, rather than in front of a wall, its because I believe that our modern societies tend to erect walls - visible or not - between people. On one side, there are those who match the trends of the moment and who conform to the norm and, on the other side, those who are said to be useless. Those who since they cannot consume are no longer considered as part of the system.
Stanislas Guigui

Its hell it is about. On 20 hectares tens of thousands of people excluded from society live, survive. Enclosure, cut-throat, in the center of a city, Bogota in Colombia, where they are rotting in the maelstrom of stink and of buildings in ruins, the beggars, thieves, drug addicts.

... Dive so much for a long time into the slums of the society requires an enormous dose of humanity. It is necessary to love people to establish a real contact with them, recognize that they are as us and see itself in them.

Protected by a gang leader, Stanislas Guigui was able to work in depth, length, with precision, and deliver us thereby a powerful, rough and not without tenderness report.
Michel Philippot

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