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Entre Deux

It is always the same question : Where are you going, what do you want to say ? I never really know. My work is made of time, of old memory flash-backs and of an unshakeable trust in my intuition.

I like to let the viewer wonder, with the same material, as facing a mirror or reading a poem.

Whats the use of answering his all questions, showing a way, knocking him down here or there once and for all ? Isnt it more interesting, for the viewer as for the photographer, to take up photography as a journey ? A journey that could tell us it truth while travelling, and whose only aim would be vague and personal ?

In between is a journey from the center to the geographical and personal boundaries. It is a long walk on the thread of my own borders, tight and insecure. A tough stay between light and shadow. The place is important, or not. It tells the no mans land, the frontier zones limbo, and sketches out the fatal step to go past the other side.

It is both a journey from inside to outside, and a journey back. It is uncompleted, and yet has an end. The one who watches, photographer, viewer, voyeur, tells and reads his own Odyssey.

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