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France, Giant Feet

When he walks out on the streets, people stare at him as if he was a freak. And yet, the Moroccan giant is extremely vulnerable. His life is hell and his body a constant ordeal and source of ceaseless pains. Fragile and sad, lonely and bored, the giant dreams of, one day, experiencing love and meeting a woman who could help him endure the weight of his large 6,5 feet (2m46) carcass, a prison to his child-like soul.

In the daily routine - commute, work, sleep - nothing is made for his size. Every little task is difficult and takes its toll. Suffering from a brain tumour, which hits the pituitary gland and leads to growing disorder, the Titan has to be injected with hormones that cost 1500 € per shot ! His bed measures 3 meters long and his shoes cost 3000 € a pair.

Brahim Takiollah is the second tallest man in the world, and is officially recognised by The Guinness Book of Records as the man with the biggest feet; he wears size 58 (European size).

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