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Aysen, Patagonia

"I went to Aysén to create the memory of what exists there now and might be disappearing soon. This project wants to show the Patagonia that could be lost forever, record its endangered landscapes and the people targeted by a huge hydroelectric project.

Located at the tip of the world, Aysén is among the most remote and undisturbed areas of Patagonia. With the support of the government, HydroAysén is trying to build - by 2020 - 5 dams and hydroelectric plants on the Baker and Pascua Rivers.
These dams would create artificial lakes, flooding a large part of the region. They would irreversibly damage one of the wildest and most beautiful place on earth. What would be lost is priceless: some of the world’s rarest plants and forests, rich agricultural and ranching land, ancestral homes, a traditional way of life and unexplored and unknown land. This would further endanger many species of animals and drastically alter the ecosystem.
Patagonia would not be the only area irretrievably disfigured. The energy would travel to Santiago over a 1,912-km transmission line, demanding a forest clear cut of about 1,600 kilometers long and 122 meters wide, roughly the distance from Paris to Warsaw."

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