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Morning Sculptures

Morning sculptures, memories of the night when this bed became a boat in the middle of an ocean of sheets in which I entangle myself.

The fear of giving into this quotidian fatality called sleep, night after night, in a neutral (unknown ?) environment, has left its mark on the sheets.

In each one of these rooms a particular shape was born, an
imaginary character rising out of the night, as though fossilized in the room. A last remnant of the dreams realm, a single fragment of reality that vanished with the coming of the dawn.

The brutality of waking up, first, where we abruptly depart from an interior world, only to be projected into the foreign space of a hotel room. As we open our eyes, before we even set foot on the floor, the strange feeling of not finding your bearings has created these imaginary shapes.

At times, these structures seem to blend themselves into the wallpapers motifs, just as much as they seem to clash with the rooms colours at others

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