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Last nomadic people at the european border

The Yoruk or those who walk , claim to have pure Turkish roots. They are the last nomadic shepherds of Turkey. Only a few hundred remain. They raise goats and mutton.
They spend their entire year under a tent. They roam the plains from November to May.
Once warmer days arrive, they migrate with their flock towards mid-altitude mountains. This voyage can take anywhere between 1 and 2 months. After having set up camp, they come back down, taking all their belongings with them on camelback (or tractors for those who are more affluent).

The night having arrived, it is 2AM when the Kush Ali family has finally set up camp after a long day of hiking under torrential downpours.

Today, the weather is gorgeous. It is now 11AM. Under the tent, Ali Ucar, the father, sleeps.
His wife, Hatice and their eldest daughter Emine prepare flatbreads over the quietly and continuously burning fire.The 23 dromedaries and camels have transported all of the family's belogings, gathered in about 20 large canvas bags. They now roam around the camp, free to stray in the forest, with a slow rolling gait.

Bayrem, the 27 year old eldest son, is in the valley with the 300 muttons, while Glcan and Yasemin watch over the 300 goats, most have which have climbs to the uppermost dizzying parts of the mountain. We can hear the two young girls yelling at the flock, always in a hurry to gather them. Beneath the trees, the 5 Kangall dogs are feigning sleep. The following two nights, when I will be sleeping underneath the stars amongst the constantly coughing and sniffling goats, I will hear them turning around the herd resting behind the wire fence, barking at night sounds, as fearsome bodyguards.

At night is one of the rare times when the 6 members of the family are reunited under the tent. From where I am sitting, I can hear them laugh together, until the wee hours of the night. Their bond is beautiful. Hatice, the mother, has born 13 children. She would now like to live ina house, but her husband and children love the life they are leading and have no intention to live any other way.

At 6AM, the tent is packed and folded away, the camels are loaded, the embers buried and the troupe takes off in the mist. Tonight, after a long day of hiking, it will still be raining as we set up camp.

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