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The Mountain Kingdom, India

With an ethnic Tibetan population, ancient buddhist culture and rugged mountain beauty, the Ladakh region of North India is one of the most majestic and culturally inspiring areas in the world. Sitting at an elevation mostly over 3000 metres the region resembles a moonscape where ancient traditions are played out in temples and monastery’s hundreds of years old and clinging to the sides of gigantic Himalayan peaks.

Now bustling centres visited by travelers in the summer months, many of the towns in the region were once stopovers on ancient Asian trade routes in the trade of salt, grain, wool and other items. What were once trails passable only on foot or by beast are now death defying roads, meandering up and over high mountain passes and descending into massive valleys where life clings to riverbeds in the form of beautiful orchards and gardens in the summer months, only to be choked out by the intensity of winters where the temperature dips well below zero°C for months at a time.

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